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Ever wished you could look at a business coach and instantly know if they’re the real deal or a waste of time and resources? This article will show you what to expect from a business coach in 4 simple steps.

Consider today’s business giants – Richard Branson, the late Steve Jobs, or influential CEOs like Eric Schmidt of Google and Steve Bennett of Intuit. What’s one common thread behind their success? Well, according to them, it’s a stellar business coach.

A competent business coach can propel you and your business growth to unprecedented heights. However, separating the wheat from the chaff isn’t always easy. There’s a multitude of self-proclaimed coaches who may promise results but falter when it’s time to perform.

In this article, we’re going give you 4 metrics to help you differentiate a great business coach from one that’s just not up to the job.

At Advanced Business Abilities (ABA), we know what it takes to be a stellar business coach because that’s what we do. We’ve helped many small business owners like you take their company to the next level. Our business coaching strategies, anchored in solid scientific principles and track-proven results, exemplify our belief in the transformative power of superior business coaching.

So, are you ready to find out how to spot a good business coach? Let’s dive in.

Clarifying Your Business Goals

Gain a laser focus vision towards your goals and objectives, maximizing the chances of achieving them. A standout business coach doesn’t just cheer you on from the sidelines, they delve into the core of your business. Because, in reality, how can you score if you don’t know where the goalposts are?

However, not all goals are created equal. At ABA, we distinguish between two types of goals: objective and subjective. Why is this important? Because the clearer your goals are, the higher chance you have of hitting them.

You see, objective goals are concrete and measurable, such as increasing your customer base by 10% next quarter. These goals are easily understood and can be evaluated by anyone, even a stranger. On the flip side, subjective goals are less clear, like wanting to improve your business image or “get it right”. They lack defined end actions and are harder to measure, often leading to a never-ending cycle of chasing an undefined ‘better’.

Top 3 Business Coaches for Entrepreneurs

An expert business coach will ask you questions to help you sharpen your goals. They might ask, “What specific actions can we take to grow your customer base?” or “What does success look like to you in this situation?” Through these questions, they help you turn vague dreams into concrete goals.

The more transparent your goals, the greater your probability of attaining them. The next metric takes this concept even further – it’s about remove all resistance so you can effortlessly knock your goals out of the park.

Identifying Obstacles and Developing Strategies

Eliminate all the unnecessary distractions and run your business with a clear intention. Being a business owner can often feel like you’re in a labyrinth, bumping into walls that block your path to success. You might be working 24/7, but your goals still seem far away. This is when the business coaching process can really be helpful.

On the topic of what to expect from a business coach, this is one of the most important points to consider: a coach helps you spot the issues that are holding you back. Some of these might be hidden from your view, like feeling overwhelmed and frustrated all the time. These feelings are signs that you’re on the path to burnout. Business coaching will assist you in removing these obstacles, rekindling your passion for your business and allowing you to regain control.

reasons to hire a business coach

But finding the problems is just the first step. Good executive coaching will aid you in overcoming these challenges. They can help you improve your leadership skills because at the end of the day, most problems in a business stem from its leadership. This might require some self-reflection and personal development, as the issues in your business are likely to have been created and are being perpetuated by you.

Business owners who lack insight into their own strengths and weaknesses are bound to repeat their mistakes. Running a business where you’re constantly working against your weaknesses rather than leveraging your strengths is no fun at all. Unfortunately, many business owners end up creating such draining businesses simply because they lack a deep understanding of themselves.

With the right business coaching, you’ll gain this essential self-awareness, allowing you to design a business that plays to your strengths and brings you joy.

Providing Accountability and Support

Achieve your goals faster and more efficiently by cutting out all the noise that doesn’t serve you. When you’re overwhelmed by crises or distracted by the newest bright idea, a business coach will be the steady hand guiding you back to your path. They’ll help you navigate through the highs and lows, serving as an accountability partner and ensuring your focus stays where it matters most – on your goals.

The unique position of a business coach (outside your company but with an insider’s view) means they can give you honest, accurate feedback and support, often encouraging you to push outside of your comfort zone. They’re someone you can be open with, disclosing concerns you might not share with employees or investors. And because they aren’t a stakeholder in your business, you can trust their advice to be unbiased and focused on your success.

Offering Expertise and Insight

Navigate all aspects of your business with ease and confidence. When you hire an experienced business coach, you’ll have an all-around expert in your corner. Someone who can guide you, no matter what your business needs are – from marketing and finance to operations and human resources.

How does this look in practice? Let’s imagine you have a small business that is struggling in marketing. You’ve tried several strategies, but nothing seems to work. Business coaching could help identify where you’re going wrong, serving almost as a business consultant, and suggest proven marketing techniques or innovative strategies you hadn’t considered.

what to expect from a business coach

Perhaps your issue lies in finance. You’re making money, but somehow, it never seems enough. Through effective coaching sessions, you can delve into your financial operations, helping you understand where your revenue is going and how to maximise your profit.

In the end, the goal of a business coach is to provide insight and guidance that will help your business thrive.

What to Expect From a Business Coach – Conclusion

Drive your business forward and leave the meaningless tasks behind. In the business world, time is money and efficiency is key. We’ve talked about how a skilled business coach can bring about swift changes, tearing down barriers previously unthinkable.

However, to start on your journey to success, you first need to understand what’s holding you back. Without this knowledge, progress is like wandering in the dark. At ABA, we utilise a science-based tool, Predictor Profiles, to achieve this.

Mike Irving business coach

We then leverage these profiles to predict with 95% accuracy the abilities you ought to develop for your success. Our clients have used this tool to transform their businesses, aligning them with their business and personal goals.

So, are you ready to discover what’s holding you and your business back? Book a discovery meeting with one of our experts today. If we’re a good fit, you’ll gain access to your own Predictor Profile and a roadmap to break free from what’s holding you back in 2023 with ease. Book your discovery call here.

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