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Why Did I Turn Comments Off On My Blog Posts?

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Comments or not? That is the question I’ve been playing with over the last few months.  I’ve made my decision, and I’ll explain my reasoning below.

I create content because I choose to share what I’ve learned, and because that information has been hugely valuable to me in terms of living my life, building my business, and supporting my clients to get what they want. I’m sure you create content for a similar reason.

It’s valuable information, so I’d like others to have access to it.

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The content I create and write is so that you, my potential customer, can understand what I’m about. This will help you make a decision about whether or not we’re a good fit together. If you think we are, you’ll give me an opportunity to determine the same thing about you.

Writing blog posts for comments doesn’t make sense, mostly because the comments section is not where I’d like to engage with you, and it’s not where you seem to want to engage with me.  Chris Brogan calls comments (particularly spammy ones) a distraction. I agree. He turned the comments feature off on his platform over a year ago. I hadn’t even started blogging yet, so he’s way more experienced than me on this subject. Copyblogger did the same thing a couple months before that. Seth Godin has never had comments on his blog as far as I can tell.

What are your thoughts? I’m open to being wrong on this (even though I’ve already turned them off). You’ll probably find this blog post on a social media site, and leave a comment there. I’ll respond, even if you tell me I’m an idiot. It won’t be the first time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last either.

If you’re interested in what I’m talking about (soft skills and emotional intelligence, with a bit of sales, marketing and business management thrown in), you can sign up for my newsletter below, and you’ll have email access to me. I know that’s a bit more personal. That’s the point.

Blogging for the sake of it isn’t worth it. I write to serve you. I also write because it helps my business. It helps you make a more informed decision. If you’re smarter than me, you’ll be able to implement what I’ve written about without ever talking to me. I’m happy about that. For everyone else, like me, there’s a bit more work to do. I’m here to help.

I’m not Chris Brogan,  Seth Godin, nor Copyblogger. I can only imagine what it would have been like to handle the volume of comments they would have received. 

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