Rob Frketic
Life Transformation

Learn how working with ABA helped Rob get his life back on track.

Rob Frketic

Sales Executive
Location: East Coast of Australia
ABA Service/s:
  • Strategy Session
  • One on one coaching for 3 years
  • Sales Skills Accelerator Training
  • Leadership
  • Sales and Communication Skills Accelerator Workshops
ABA team member/s: Mike and Bernie

Results of working with ABA

Not all transformations can be measured in business numbers. The change Rob sought was a personal one, and the results he achieved show a huge improvement in quality of life.

As of right now (March 3, 2021), Rob has:

  • Improved confidence. Communication skills have improved dramatically, and overall Rob is more at peace, and a calmer person.
  • Rob was grieving the loss of his wife to cancer, and believed he would always be alone. Within 12 months of working with us, Rob started a quality new relationship, and 5 years on, that relationship keeps growing.
  • Generated more belief in himself, and as a result has reached the pinnacle of Dragon Boat Racing competitions. Rob was selected to represent Australia at an international level.
  • Rob describes being more able to live life in the moment, enjoying the now rather than just surviving.
  • Actively created the life he wants. He’s travelled extensively over the last 5 years and continues to grow as an individual. He’s just moved interstate, from Sydney to Townsville, with his partner. 

The Problem Explained

History and initial problem?
What Rob thought it was.

When Rob reached out to us, he was grieving, having lost his wife to cancer. He was searching for something, but he didn’t yet know what it was.

Rob wanted to get to know and understand himself. He really wanted to develop his ability to connect to people again and communicate more effectively. He wanted to feel freer and more confident. He felt that he had always been a people-pleaser, and wanted to change that.

The core problem?
What we found it to be.

What we found was that Rob’s self esteem was very low, and his empathy was extremely high. This was causing the people-pleaser situation. He was also grieving the loss of his wife, and we were able to support him in this.

Why I Choose Advanced Business Abilities

My thoughts & fears of investing in ABA
My emotions before meeting ABA

I was dealing with loss, feeling sad and angry at the same time. The feeling of loss and emptiness meant I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I felt like I was on my own again. I didn’t know where to turn to for help and support and to find the next steps to progress in life.

I knew I had to get out of the house and do things so that I didn’t sink into depression. I wanted to get out and meet people and get into shape again, but this was a real struggle.

In addition to this, I was still settling the affairs of my wife's death. This meant lots of paperwork, which was overwhelming, because I was still dealing with a feeling of guilt and the repeated question of: "Could I have done more?”

Why I felt resistance hiring a business coach

The only fear I had was: “will this work for me?” and that fear was quelled quickly. When I initially met Mike, I had been introduced to him by someone I trusted, so it didn’t take long for me to trust Mike and ABA. I was excited to do the program, especially after what I experienced during first few training sessions.

What got me to take the first step?

I knew that I needed change. I had done other personal development courses before, but this was different. I attended a half day training with Mike, and I just knew that this was for me.

The value I received from that half day training, removed any concerns I had. The other thing I really loved about Mike was that he didn’t rock up in a fancy suit and tie. He was a normal person, and he didn’t “sell” to me. He allowed me to choose and decide.

What did I like about ABA's or Mike's initial approach?

The fact it didn’t feel like there was any pressure at all. Mike let me choose and decide what I wanted. The few exercises that we did really made sense, and I wanted more.

What was my expectation of what I would receive from ABA as an outcome?

I didn’t really have any expectations. I was totally willing to engage, and I knew I wanted my life to be a better version of what it was.

I did the work, and I have the results to prove it.

Progress Step by Step

Rob worked with us for 3 years, doing several programs and one-on-one coaching. He kept coming back because he kept receiving exceptional value.

Discovery Session
1 hour with Mike
Step 1

The fact that it didn’t feel like there was any pressure at all. He let me choose and decide. The few exercises that we did really made sense, and I wanted more.

Strategy Session 1
Completed Predictor Profiles
Step 2

I was shocked at the levels of Empathy and Self Esteem that I had (and didn’t have.) I was really excited to see how that was going to change over the coming months, and what impact that would have on my life.

I knew that there was going to be a lot of work ahead, and I was glad to have a guide to help me with that work.

Sales, Leadership, and Communication Skills Accelerator Workshop
Step 3

This definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. The skills I built meant I was able to be with another person, and communicate, even in pressure situations.

A lot of resistance was released, and while this was uncomfortable at times, the benefits were immediately obvious. The benefits were so good I’ve since participated in this course more than 5 times, and I continue to gain value every time.

The Foundations of Intelligent Learning
Step 4

While I was glad when this was all over, it had a huge impact on me. I didn’t know how much resistance I had towards study, words, and learning. This program definitely increased my IQ and helped me move forward in life.

English was my second language, one of the subjects in school that I struggled with. This program really supported me to change that.

The Postulate Process
Step 5

The results this provided were incredible. My life is easier and more effortless in every way. It’s amazing how quickly resistance disappears with this process.

The science behind the success! Before and after working with us

The science of success is tangible. The most successful people are able to focus their attention on the important tasks, they work efficiently and without friction. Their staff work harder, their sales come easier. It's a totally different ball-game.

The below chart is a sample of the mindset data we scientifically test for. We then work with you (hands-on) to adjust your tendencies, unlock resistance and give you back the clarity of mind that drives success.

The results below are not only common, but expected. As the bars rise, frustration dissipates, sales become frictionless, and the entire culture of your staff and yourself changes. Almost like magic, you see rapid growth, in fact, 99.7% of our clients see rapid improvement within just 12 weeks!

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