Alessia Richards
Kicked Anxiety to the Curb!

Learn how working with ABA helped Alessia overcome crippling anxiety

Alessia Richards

Full time architect, and part time business owner & partner in Be Free Organics
Location: Perth, WA
  • Organic Food and Coffee
  • Construction
ABA Service/s:
  • Strategy Session
  • 12 month Sales Skills Accelerator Program
ABA team member/s: Mike

Results of working with ABA

“The result is that over the 18 months, I’ve become invigorated again. I can live my life easily and freely. I’ve taken back control of my life. I’m choosing to have freedom and feel alive.”


The Problem Explained

History and Initial Problem
What Alessia thought it was...

I thought the problem was anxiety and a panic disorder manifesting as extreme anxiety around my health. This completely debilitated me and restricted my whole life.

I was taking time off work and was scared that something was going to happen to me. My family had cared for my Dad while he was dying of a brain tumour and that experience really impacted me. I had an overload of “worst-case scenarios” running through my mind all the time.

The Core Problem
What we found it to be....

The Predictors showed that the real problem was me. It was a big moment to be confronted with the detail of what they revealed.

In time I discovered key areas I wanted to focus on. Working on these slowly gave me more control over my mind, which had become a huge monster that was keeping me down. The dark shadow that had been over my life started to lift.

Why I Choose Advanced Business Abilities

My thoughts & fears of investing in ABA
My emotions before meeting ABA

Life was dark. I was pretty much living each day to go to sleep. I dreaded waking up each day and opening my eyes. I was always thinking 'I’ve gotta fake it again today.'

I was in a state of severe anxiety. Six months before I met with ABA I had ended up in hospital for four days. I was being treated for a heart condition because I thought there was no link between my anxiety and my heart rate.

My mind was disagreeing with everything they told me. I was convinced there was something physically wrong with me and I didn’t believe that it could be just anxiety.

It took me a long time to accept that it was, because I needed to have a physical thing to assign as the cause of the problem.

Why I felt resistance hiring a business coach

The fear I had was around the value of money. Coaching seemed expensive, and I just couldn’t see how it was going to have the positive impact I was hoping for. It seemed like this was going to be just for business. I didn’t realise that it could be so personal for each individual.

What got Alessia to take the first step?

I had already tried everything under the sun to fix this. I ended up at a point where I had done all this, and hadn’t made a huge change in my life.

Little things were better, but I still didn’t have the control in my life I wanted. So I arrived at a point where I thought to myself “What have I got to lose? Let’s give this a go.”

I really wanted to get tools to take control of my life again, and even early on in the process with ABA I started to see this was going to help me.

What did she like about ABA's initial approach?

I felt it to be very personal. I liked that it wasn’t a cookie cutter approach. This coaching was going to be specialized for each individual person.

What was Alessia's expectation of what she would receive from ABA as an outcome?

At that point my expectation was nowhere near where I am now. I expected improvements, but what I’ve gotten has been so much more.

Progress Step by Step

Alessia worked with us for 18 months. During this time, she experienced a shift from daily anxiety to feeling confident and in control of her life.

Discovery Session
1 hour with Katie
Step 1

When I met with Katie I felt comfortable talking with her and just got it all out on the table. I felt better for having articulated everything and quantified it, and I felt really listened to. There was a strong personal connection. Katie knew exactly where I was, as she had had a similar experience in her past.

Strategy Session 1
Completed predictor profiles
Step 2

This was hard to confront. There were parts that I could see, and also parts that I didn’t agree with until later. The big one that still sticks with me today was my dishonesty result. I couldn’t believe that my dishonesty score was so high.

At the same time, I could see that if you don’t want to upset someone, you’re going to have difficulty being totally honest. I had so many “ah-ha” moments in this session.

Group Coaching
12 month Sales Skills Accelerator
Step 3

I struggle to find the words to describe how good I feel about myself now. This has given me back my own levels of confidence.

I’ve grown so much in every area of my life and I’m so excited about it. All environments (work, friends, family) are improved.

I would say to anyone out there…take the jump. These guys know what they are doing. There is a journey you can go on with the team at ABA that will help you live a better life.

The science behind the success Before and after working with us

The science of success is tangible. The most successful people are able to focus their attention on the important tasks, they work efficiently and without friction. Their staff work harder, their sales come easier. It's a totally different ball game.

The below chart is a sample of the mindset data we scientifically test for. We then work with you (hands-on) to adjust your tendencies, unlock resistance and give you back the clarity of mind that drives success.

The results below are not only common but expected. As the bars rise, frustration dissipates, sales become frictionless, and the entire culture of your staff and yourself changes. Almost like magic, you see rapid growth, in fact, 99.7% of our clients see rapid improvement within just 12 weeks!

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