Mike Haydon
From Zero to a $5m per year Business

Learn how working with ABA helped Mike develop emotional intelligence

Mike Haydon

Managing Director
Location: Lismore, NSW
  • Off Grid Solar system design (they help people create their own power station)
ABA Service/s:
  • Strategy Session
  • Ongoing Personal Performance Coaching
  • Group coaching for the team
  • Leadership
  • Communication and Sales Skills Accelerator for the team
  • Predictor Profiles as a tool in recruiting every member of the team.
ABA team member/s: Mike and Katie

Results of working with ABA

As of right now (March 3, 2021), within 3 years, Mike has:

  • Took his business from $250k per year to $5m in just 3 years
  • Dramatically lowered the stress in his business
  • Hired all staff using ABA Predictor Profiles

The Problem Explained

History and initial problem?
What Mike thought it was.

I had people issues, money issues, and cash flow issues. I had a history of not picking the right people partner with in business, and getting good staff was also a challenge.

I was sure the problem wasn’t me… it was everyone else

The core problem?
What we found it to be.

I discovered I was the common denominator in all my problems. When my understanding of the problem changed, I realised it really it was me.

I was able to see that I created the problems in my life as a result of my decisions. I was choosing to work with the sorts of people who would screw me over down the track. This had happened several times already in other businesses.

I believed that if I was just a nice guy to people and I worked hard, problems would fix themselves. That hadn't worked.

Why I Choose Advanced Business Abilities

My thoughts & fears of investing in ABA
My emotions before meeting ABA

I had a lot of anger. There were days I would get so frustrated. I was disappointed with a lot with people and I would take it to take everything to heart.

Why I felt resistance hiring a business coach?

The number one thing that was confronting for me straightaway was money. When I was considering ABA's program, I had no money. I decided to make the commitment, and the question for me was 'What can I do to make it work?'

It's four years ago this week that we moved to Lismore and I started working with Mike. We'd spent all our money moving to Lismore. I took the last 3 grand I had available and put down as a bond on an office.

Back then I made the commitment to put every single employee I hired through the ABA predictors and to engage in work with Mike.

The other commitment I made was to pay myself a wage. I've never missed a wage in four years. That was a big key. It's interesting because the most common people have is about money but you can always turn up and work it out.

The other resistance I had was from finding out things about myself I didn't want to know. However, once I knew I was the problem, I made the changes and that allowed me to change my reality.

That’s a very real thing for me these days. I can always see everything that happens and look at what role I played to make it happen, whether it is a good thing or not.

It's interesting to see how often the problem you have is what's stopping you solving your problem. I had the problem of not enough money, and I solved it by investing in ABA. I've found if you want something enough, you'll always figure out how to get the money together to get that thing.

What got Mike to take the first step?

I felt like everything in my life was upside down, and I didn’t know what to do about it. I had tried everything to change my life, and I had nothing else to do other than to hire a coach.

I was either going to choose to work with you, or keep going round in circles the rest of my life. I could see that if I really wanted change to occur, then it was necessary for me to do something different, or I was going to end up in the same place over and over again.

What did Mike like about ABA's initial approach?

I didn't feel like I was pressured at all when I made my decision to start was because I was ready to do it. After doing this I really wish I joined three years earlier, because I would be a lot further ahead in life.

What was Mike's expectation of what he would receive from ABA as an outcome?

I wanted to feel different. That was the biggest thing.

I have a different reality now. I used to get upset, go home and be pissed off for a week, and now when something goes wrong, it takes me a couple of minutes to work out a plan to resolve it. Feeling different is what I wanted to feel and that happened very fast.

It's funny the degree of troubles it takes to stress me out these days. I don't take things personally any more, and when you're not feeling that stress it's so much easier to work things out.

I didn't realise how highly stressed my life was before working with ABA. Now if I do get stressed it's a serious situation. I just don't worry about the small stuff anymore because that's all it is. And it’s all small stuff really.

Progress Step by Step

Amy worked with us across a 6 month period, which included 5 personal sessions, a video series and a group workshop to remove resistance. These are broken down below, with her results from each session telling the story of her progress which results in a massive shift in business profits!

Discovery Session
1 hour with Mike
Step 1

Even in those first meetings, it only took a couple of sessions and the world was completely different. They made a huge impact on my life and how I felt about things.

Strategy Session 1
Completed predictor profiles
Step 2

It was interesting to see how I think and react to things put down on paper. After really inspecting it, I realised I could be very judgmental of people.

I’d never say anything but I saw the worst in situations and people. Most people wouldn't think that about me from the outside, but I'd look at things from a negative point of view.

Looking at my predictors I could really see how my thinking is how I created my reality in life.

The Leadership, Communication, & Sales Skills Accelerator Workshop
Step 3

The workshop is amazing. It’s one of those things where it doesn't matter how much you're told about it beforehand…that weekend will change your life. You just don't have an understanding of it until you do it.

I think it'll be really hard for someone to really understand what's involved, because at the end of the day it's really simple stuff, but it's not. It's all the little things we take for granted every single day which shape your life.

The science behind the success! Before and after working with us

The science of success is tangible. The most successful people are able to focus their attention on the important tasks, they work efficiently and without friction. Their staff work harder, their sales come easier. It's a totally different ball-game.

The below chart is a sample of the mindset data we scientifically test for. We then work with you (hands-on) to adjust your tendencies, unlock resistance and give you back the clarity of mind that drives success.

The results below are not only common, but expected. As the bars rise, frustration dissipates, sales become frictionless, and the entire culture of your staff and yourself changes. Almost like magic, you see rapid growth, in fact, 99.7% of our clients see rapid improvement within just 12 weeks!

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