Kent Manos
From $1M to $10M Turnover!

Learn how working with ABA helped Kent improve his personal and business relationships

Kent Manos

Managing Director
Location: Perth, WA
  • Scaffolding Services and Labour Hire
ABA Service/s:
  • Scaffolding Services and Labour Hire
ABA team member/s: Mike

Results of working with ABA

As of right now (March 3, 2021) Kent has:

  • Grown from $1M to almost $10M in his turnover this year (4 years down the track)
  • Significant improvements in relationships in all areas of his life
  • Greater enjoyment in running the business
  • Invested in people skills that proved invaluable in both life and business

The Problem Explained

History and Initial Problem
What Kent thought it was.

Kent thought he needed a better morning routine. He was struggling to get the best out of himself each day. He started his business a year prior to meeting Mike, and built it to $1M turnover.

To achieve this he was working extremely hard. It was a struggle, and Kent wouldn't have been able to continue building the business the way he was thinking and acting.

The core problem?
What we found it to be.

While Kent thought that his challenges stemmed from not having “the right morning routine”, the real core of the problem was in his thinking. He had a strong compulsion to work hard and always felt a sense of urgency.

This caused unrealistic expectations of himself and his staff. Kent had developed a short fuse that caused him to explode and behave in a way that wasn’t himself, and wasn't beneficial to the business.

There were a few seemingly small things that were causing large problems. This meant Kent was feeling frustrated with his lack of performance, and was often short with people if things didn’t go the way he wanted them to.

He didn’t understand why he was at peak performance only 1-2% percent of his time. He was also drinking more than what was beneficial for him.

The Predictor Profile diagnostic tool revealed a number of blind spots that were the real source of the problem (and the solution was not going to be a better morning routine).

We found significant opportunities to improve Kent's people skills, starting with his management of himself, and then extending this to his management and development of others on his team.

Why I Choose Advanced Business Abilities

My thoughts & fears of investing in ABA
Kent's Emotions Before Meeting ABA

Kent was stressed and working way too hard. He was really struggling to be present in conversations with people. The embarrassment this caused had started to deteriorate relationships that were important to him.

It was too easy for him to be distracted and get angry when things didn't go to plan. This meant he dealt with people in a way that wasn’t beneficial. Kent knew he hadn't been operating at 100% for a long time, and he knew he needed to do better than that to build his business.

The problem was, he never knew how he was going to show up. In the worst case scenario, this unpredictability could be really destructive for himself and the business.

Why Kent felt Resistance hiring a Business Coach

The cost, and he wasn't sure if he was going to get value from the experience.

What got Kent to take the First Step?

The Predictor Profile assessments clarified a number of blindspots that were creating problems for Kent. He completely agreed with them, and more importantly, he wanted to change those things so that he would achieve what he wanted.

What did Kent like about Mike's initial approach?

"Mike had a personal, patient, custom approach. It’s not like other coaching that’s available. Most important for me was the knowledge of how to transfer skills through our experiential approach."

Progress Step by Step

Kent Manos worked with us for four years, and during that time he ten times his business revenues.

Discovery Session
1 hour with Mike
Step 1

This session gave Kent a clear picture of where he was going if he didn't change his approach, and where he could be if he did the work to uncover his core issues, and fix them.

Strategy Session 1
Completed predictor profiles
Step 2

Kent got all his thoughts out and reviewed his challenges and his goals. We agreed on a plan to start moving forward. Kent said he felt supported, and had a clarity of intention about we were heading.

Coaching Program Commenced
Kent Began Removing Resistance
Step 3

Kent felt like he finally had someone in his corner that he could talk with openly and honestly, who had the experience in business to understand and ask intelligent questions.

The result was that Kent started to subtly change the way he was handling people and running his business. Growth continued with greater ease than in the previous 12 months.

Kent then took some time away from ABA, thinking that he had done 8 months with us, and that it wasn’t necessary to continue. Roughly 6 months after taking a break, he asked to re-engage, because he was finding that he had misjudged the value of having an external, objective support person to talk to about his business.

Without this outside input, Kent found the conversations he was having with his staff and consultants were ineffective. He was giving these people problems they couldn’t solve. He reengaged with Mike has gone from strength to strength since.

The science behind the success! Before and after working with us

The science of success is tangible. The most successful people are able to focus their attention on the important tasks, they work efficiently and without friction. Their staff work harder, their sales come easier. It's a totally different ball-game.

The below chart is a sample of the mindset data we scientifically test for. We then work with you (hands-on) to adjust your tendencies, unlock resistance and give you back the clarity of mind that drives success.

The results below are not only common, but expected. As the bars rise, frustration dissipates, sales become frictionless, and the entire culture of your staff and yourself changes. Almost like magic, you see rapid growth, in fact, 99.7% of our clients see rapid improvement within just 12 weeks!

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