Amy Bliefnick
Tripled her Cashflow and Paid Down Debt 5x Faster!

Working with ABA helped Amy raise her rates, win new clients and triple cashlow

Amy Bliefnick

Managing Director of 511 West
Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Digital Marketing
ABA Service/s:
  • Strategy Session
  • FOSSL and Ongoing Coaching
ABA team member/s: Mike and Bernie

Results of working with ABA

As of right now (March 3, 2021), within 12 months, Amy has:

  • Tripled her cashflow
  • Won 10 new clients that fit her ideal client profile
  • Created a client waiting list that’s growing each week
  • Reduced her debt by 60% (she thought this was going to take 5 years, and she’s done it in 1)
  • On track to pay off her debt completely in the next 6 months
  • Is engaging in another level of work with ABA, and we can see this growth continuing

The Problem Explained

History and Initial Problem
What Amy thought it was...

Amy wanted more clients. She was frustrated this wasn’t happening and her business wasn’t growing. She thought ABA might be able to help her improve sales.

The slow growth made her think perhaps there was something was wrong with her. "I kept thinking 'Why can’t I figure this out?'"

The Core Problem
What we found it to be...

The real problem was that Amy had plenty of clients that were either paying a discounted rate, or she was working almost for free (contra deals).

Our Predictor Profile diagnostic tool showed there were gaps in her sales understanding and skills. The biggest challenge was that while Amy had plenty of self confidence, her self esteem was low, and her empathy was too high.

Being assertive and confronting people were challenges for her. This combination meant that she was discounting too much to win sales. This left her frustrated and underpaid. She was feeling burnt out and wondering if she should continue in business or go get a job.

Why I Choose Advanced Business Abilities

My thoughts & fears of investing in ABA
Amy's emotions before meeting ABA

Amy was frustrated, burnt out, and almost depressed by the thought she was going to have to close down her business and get a job. She would have meltdowns every other week, literally crying on the floor because she felt like she had hit the wall.

Her recurring thought was: “I’m never going to be able to make this work… there’s something wrong with me.” She also felt resentment towards the clients she did have and a feeling of dread about working in her business because she felt so frustrated with it.

What Resistance did Amy have Towards Hiring a Business Coach?

Her biggest fear was the money side of things… she didn’t think she could afford it. There was also fear around whether or not this would work for her, and if it would work fast enough (she was a bit impatient).

At the time she met us, Amy felt like her business just wouldn’t get better. Looking back, she can’t believe how quickly things changed.

What got Amy to take the first step?

Amy had trust in Mike, and she wanted the data to work with from the Predictor Profiles. This gave us an ability to see where we were starting from, and measure the change that occurred.

What did Amy like about Mike's initial approach?

I liked the data (analytical approach) and I also loved the feeling of being seen and heard. It's a great experienc to have someone ask questions in a very intentional way, and actually listen to and acknowledge my response

Mike’s patience is incredible. He never seemed annoyed or agitated, even though I was annoyed and agitated with myself.

What was Amy's expectation of what she'd receive from ABA as an outcome?

I wanted to be able to see where I was off (Predictor Profile results) and how to bring things more into balance. I didn’t really have any expectation. I just wanted help.

Progress Step by Step

Amy worked with us across a 6 month period, which included 5 personal sessions, a video series and a group workshop to remove resistance. These are broken down below, with her results from each session telling the story of her progress which results in a massive shift in business profits!

Discovery Session
1 hour with Mike
Step 1

I felt seen and heard, like Mike really listened to me. Mike gets it, and knows what he’s talking about. I was able to throw it all out there and I felt like Mike understood what I was saying.

We created a plan for what steps we were going to take in order to move forward towards my goals. I immediately felt excited and hopeful for the future.

Strategy Session 1
Completed The Success Predictor Profiles
Step 2

It was very emotional, I was seeing myself in a new way. It made a lot of sense, and at the same time I was sad because it gave me a clarity that was difficult to look at.

Leading into the meeting I was excited and curious. It was emotional and confronting. It was also a relief that we had that clarity and a direction to work towards.

Commenced Coaching
Began removing resistance
Step 3

I started off watching the FOSSL (Foundations of Successful Self Leadership) videos, and having meetings with Mike to discuss and make sure I understood the system.

I’ve continued to work with the team at Advanced Business Abilities to remove resistance, and I can’t believe how much of a difference it has made. In general, everything in life just feels lighter. I’m far more aware and able to observe myself and my actions, and choose.

I’m also much better at the process of selling and asking questions with clients. Life in general is lighter, easier, and far more enjoyable than it was 12 months ago.

Leadership, Communication, Sales Skills Accelerator Workshop
Step 4

Overall, the workshop was both challenging and fun. It was great, and I came out feeling very proud of myself and what I had done. I also know that I want to continue working on this, and participate again. There is so much to learn.

The thing that blew me away the most was the simplicity and clarity of the structure. It worked so well online, and Mike and the team created such a safe space for everyone in the workshop to work through what was sometimes uncomfortable stuff.

The workshop really helped me to be more willing to experience moments of discomfort and not judge myself so harshly. The workshop alos helped me be much more aware of the Foundations of Mike’s teaching.

I’m much more present, connected, and calm in my conversations. I had a sales call today where I just felt so much more confident and open. I was able to communicate much more effectively as a direct result of the workshop.

I’m more present at home with my husband as well. I can feel the difference in my ability to give him my full attention rather than going through the motions of a chat where I’m doing something else at the same time.

If you’re sitting on the fence about doing this workshop, I would say absolutely do it, because it’s such a basic fundamental breakdown of things we do everyday.

It can impact everything we do in our life, not just our businesses. The great thing about this workshop is that it’s actually a workshop, and not a lecture. You’re going to practice the important aspects of communication that will have a direct impact on your ability to get what you want.

The science behind the success! Before and after working with us

The science of success is tangible. The most successful people are able to focus their attention on the important tasks, they work efficiently and without friction. Their staff work harder, their sales come easier. It's a totally different ball-game.

The below chart is a sample of the mindset data we scientifically test for. We then work with you (hands-on) to adjust your tendencies, unlock resistance and give you back the clarity of mind that drives success.

The results below are not only common, but expected. As the bars rise, frustration dissipates, sales become frictionless, and the entire culture of your staff and yourself changes. Almost like magic, you see rapid growth, in fact, 99.7% of our clients see rapid improvement within just 12 weeks!

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Results are far better than I expected in terms of business progression and personal life progression. Totally exceeded expectations. 

When we started the journey, we had just opened our business (wholesale aspect), and then at the start of COVID (cafe). Now, 18 months later, we’ve expanded the business, turnover has grown by over 50 percent, without any spend on marketing at all yet. We’ve put things in place to expand, and purchased another business. We plan to grow revenue by triple in the next 12 months.

From a personal perspective, I know that I am far more willing and able to face and deal with any situation that arises. No matter what meeting I go to, I have so much more mental clarity and the ability to process things on the spot. My wife 18 months ago was really unable to do normal day to day activities.

She was unable to work and really struggling. Now, 18 months later, the difference is amazing. She’s confident, able, back on track in life. I couldn’t be happier with the difference this has made in our life. She’s willing and able to challenge herself in life, and she’s so much more positive in her mindset.