Personal Freedom and Self Leadership

Attend a breakfast workshop and discover the path to business success.

What is Personal Freedom?

“There are so many pressures out in the world today. From social media and the news to day to day living, our attention is stretched. There are so many things you think and feel you should be doing. It’s easy to feel like you’re “off the throne” in your life.” – Mike Irving

Mike Irving - Coach

Most people live life with a subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) feeling of restriction; like they’re being held back in some way from full filling their potential.

This feeling of restriction, or being unable to do something, can cause frustrations in life. If you’ve been trying for years to increase profits so you can expand your business, and haven’t been able to yet, and more importantly don’t understand why you’ve not been able to, that can be frustrating.

The source of these feelings of restriction is what we call Emotional Charge. In this Self Leadership Breakfast Talk we’re going to cover, in detail, exactly what Emotional Charge is, how it’s created, and most importantly what you can do to rid yourself of it. Handling Emotional Charge is the key to finding your Personal Freedom, and living your life fully in choice.

We’ve supported hundreds of clients to implement what will be discussed at this breakfast talk, with phenomenal results. They’ve found their Personal Freedom and are living their life in choice.

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