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WARNING: This article will challenge traditional thinking of what makes a superstar real estate agent. 

The most effective real estate agents rapidly build trust and rapport with their customers. To a casual observer, it looks like they were born to sell. Although these sales skills seem natural, it is actually a learned system that lets them replicate high performance results time and time again. 

The main job of a realtor is to sell properties, right? Nope. As a realtor, your main task is to act as a reality manager. Most sellers will over-value a property, while buyers tend to suffer from analysis paralysis and take too long to come to a decision. It is your job to use your knowledge and personal skills to bring all the interested parties to a realistic common ground that works for everyone. 

ABA has spent the last twenty years developing a proven, data driven system that is geared specifically towards helping business professionals boost sales and master effective business communication. The key is in identifying and addressing blockers and bad habits that you might not even know are holding you back.  

Before we talk more about how ABA can help you rise to the top of the real estate game, let’s look at the top sales skills for real estate agents

Learn to Listen – Spot the Black Swan

You have just pitched a client a property that you think is absolutely perfect for them. It is within their price range, the location is great, you could swear it ticks all the boxes. Done deal, you think, as you wait for them to make all the right noises. And then comes a sentence dreaded by most realtors: 

“Yeah, the property is great and all, but it’s just not quite right…” 

So why do clients “irrationally” turn down great deals? More likely than not, you have failed to understand what they really want. ABA puts a lot of emphasis on understanding what listening really is – being willing to give your thoughtful and complete attention to what someone else is saying. The easiest way to lose a client is to make them feel like they are not being heard. 

Be The Solution, Not The Regurgitator

Unlike a car that people spend a few years driving before trading in for the next model, a house is often for life. This means that buyers will be interested in the bigger picture- what is the neighborhood like, how close are the nearest shops, schools, gas stations etc. Before even showing a house, the best course of action is to build a working knowledge of the surrounding area and community so that you can be ready to answer any questions your clients will have.

Prices, required paperwork, rules and regulations vary from location to location. Knowing these things in and out is all part of the job, and will help you build trust and confidence with your clients. That’s all well and good- but other realtors also have all of this information. The trick is to proactively show clients what they don’t know. Show them how your service will cover all the angles. You will do your magic and they won’t have to lift a finger. This will reduce the risk of them using anyone else.

Be a Teacher

Buying or selling a property is a stressful endeavor, especially for those who have no experience with the real estate industry. There are tons of industry specific terms that can seem intimidating to buyers and can even put them off a purchase altogether. Escrow holders, NHD reports, appraisal contingencies, adjustable-rate mortgages, rent-back, PSA agreements, blind offers, VA loans- the list goes on. 

If your client does not understand the lingo it could build emotional resistance and cost you a sale. So be a teacher, demystify the process in a way they will understand, break down the main concepts. Explaining the terminology and mechanics of buying a house in a simple way will empower them to make the best possible decision. It is also an amazing platform for you to demonstrate your expertise and build trust with buyers and sellers alike.    

How To Transcend ‘Being Nice’ to ‘Being Trusted’

Without a doubt, real estate is a people business, and success in the field hinges on interpersonal skills. No two clients have the same desires, period. Your job is to pinpoint those desires and provide the right solutions at the right time. Be fully present, listen to your clients, and be aware of any non verbal cues they are sending. If you sense that they might be nervous or uncertain about something, ask appropriate questions that can get to the root of the problem.

Developing a great relationship with your clients pays dividends long after you have made a sale. A small gesture like sending over a gift basket to your clients on move in day can lead to repeat business and glowing recommendations. Ideally, you want your clients to have nothing but words of praise for you when their friends, family and colleagues ask them about their home buying experience. 

Put yourself in the shoes of someone buying or selling a property. The stakes are really high, which breeds a fear of failure. This is where you come in as a source of stability and security. Pay attention to the exact words your clients use and mirror them in later conversations. This demonstrates that you are actively hearing them. CRM is important, but learning effective business communication is critical for success. 

Tenacity Should Not Be Avoided

Perseverance is arguably the most important aspect of the real estate market. You can’t buy or sell a property overnight, and it takes a lot of effort and time to get two parties to agree to terms before signing the paperwork. It is quite easy to take every lead you can get; but the follow up is what can make or break you. Following up on every lead can be tedious work, but it is the only way to make it big. 

No successful realtor worth their salt sits around waiting for the phone to ring. Their secret weapon is keeping check on all meetings, showings and appointments themselves. If you have a genuine passion for helping people, this will shine through and translate to better relationships and more sales. I challenge you to find a top level real estate agent that is bored or frustrated with their job.   

So you know the importance of tenacity, but are still afraid of pushing too hard and driving customers away? Addressing this resistance is a surefire way to boost your sales. You can’t do a wheelie if you aren’t willing to fall off. Now you could go it alone, or you could turn to a pro to make the falls less frequent and dangerous. A free, one hour, individual sales coaching call with ABA will put you on the right path to understanding and removing resistance. 90.7% of our students see record breaking results after just a few months of our help.

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Sales Skills for Real Estate Agents

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