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Discover How to Explode Your Sales Conversion Rate and Increase Your Revenue Without Relying on Unethical Manipulative Techniques

Sales is communication towards action and commitment.

With the current global economic instability your business must maximise every sales opportunity that presents itself. Failure to do so is having a dramatic effect on your business cash flow and viability. The cost to your business when a sale is lost can be calculated by using the following equation.

Marketing Costs + Advertising Costs + Staff Costs + Business Overheads + Actual Lost Sale Revenue Cost = Total Cost of Lost Sale.

Increasing your sales conversions by using a proven formula which doesn’t pressure the customer into buying is the logical solution to reducing your costs, growing your revenue and stabilising your cash flow.

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Join our FREE Sales Skills Accelerator Webinar to Learn the Unique Techniques to Transform Your Sales Presentation into a Friendly Conversation that Produces Results.

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June 4, Thursday 
6pm-7pm AWST

During this live training you'll discover…


How to build rapport rapidly

• How to rapidly build rapport without having to use complicated manipulation techniques.

• The 4 pillars to building instant rapport so the prospect likes and trusts you.

• Why most sales techniques are outdated and destined to fail from the beginning and how to fix that.

• How to avoid buyer’s remorse and cancelled sales to keep your cash flow.


When to close a sale

• The exact right time to close the sale. Most sales are lost because of one big mistake.

• The number 1 reason you get hit and miss results and how to correct that.

• The secret technique to closing a much higher percentage of sales that nobody teaches or does.

• How to identify the sweet spot in your presentation that guarantees the prospect will rip out their credit card


Objection handling that works

How to overcome the 4 most common sales killers without resorting to cheesy “objection handling” techniques.

• The 1 simple technique you’re not doing now that will close 90% of price objections.

How to overcome the 4 most common sales killers without resorting to cheesy “objection handling” techniques.

This training is for you if

  • You would like to discover a completely new, effortless way to sell just about anything in any business

  • You DON’T want a system that relies on sleazy, manipulative, hard pressure tactics to gain the sale

  • You would like to discover an effective, replicable sales system for all your team members to use

  • You want a sales system that is enjoyable for the customer and the salesperson to avoid buyer’s remorse

  • You already are good or even great at sales, but you would like to take your skills to the next level

  • You want to dramatically improve your ROI with every sales consultation

  • You want a sales system that naturally removes customer resistance

  • You want to be able to identify exactly when the customer is ready to buy so you don’t lose the sale

  • You want a sales system where the customer practically demands to buy from you

  • You want a sales system which allows you to bank on the predictable results each month

This webinar will teach all that and more.
My question to you is…Is that worth dedicating an hour of your life toward?

Meet Your Presenter

For the past 20 years, I have helped business owners, entrepreneurs and highly-driven individuals, identify and breakthrough what’s been holding them back their full potential. My clients achieve incredible results in only a short time.

As a Performance Coach, I see time and time again, people having problems with sales and selling.

There’s tons of misinformation on the topic of sales. So many “gurus” teach underhanded, sneaky, or manipulative sales techniques. It’s no wonder people have confusion and resistance when it comes to sales and selling.

Over the years I’ve trained thousands of sales reps and created hundreds of thousands of new customers for clients through my unique sales system.

I created this easy to follow and highly effective system because I believe that “no one likes to be sold to, but we all like to buy”. Trouble is every system I looked at that claimed to apply this principle was using sneaky, under-handed, manipulative sales tactics…something I couldn’t do with integrity.

My system is unique because it taps into fundamental human behaviours, identifying and satisfying the needs of both parties. As a result, your customer gets the product or service they want. And you as the salesperson get the sale.

Join me and discover a new system for selling that’s enjoyable for the customer and the salesperson.