Elite Sales Course

Become a Sales
Machine in 12 Weeks.

Copy the skills that built one of Australia’s biggest saleforces -
from one of Australia’s top sales trainers.

  • Effortlessly guide sales conversations
  • Learn to close like an pro
  • Science-based approach makes the sales process simple
Expected Results

Break Your Sales
Records Without
Working Harder

Does selling feel like hard work that will never come
naturally? Is it always an uphill battle to push yourself
to make sales calls and follow up?

Our customers come to us with these types of
problems all the time. This training will:

  • Make generating sales effortless & simple
  • Feel like a natural salesperson & enjoy selling
  • Turn into a confident sales professional

“As a result of Mike’s Sales Training, my
business has grown from $300,000 a year
turnover in 2017 to over $5 Million in Calendar
year 2020. Can’t thank Mike enough.

Mike Haydon

“Working with Mike has made sales calls so
much easier & more enjoyable...made me more
confident & actually excited to get on sales
calls, something I thought I’d never say.”

Amy Bliefnick

It eliminates frustration, it eliminates anxiety.
I couldn't quite read what they were saying
Clears all that out of the way and you've got great
connections with people, clear communication,
strong relationship building.'

Peter Robertson

Tracked with Data. Backed by Science.

Salespeople worldwide rave about the results we
generate. At ABA we measure progress, so we know
95% of clients experience rapid growth in a few short
months. Get a free course sample to see how the ABA
sales training works, and what you can gain from it.

Proven Sales Techniques

Take the Course & See Your Sales
Confidence Grow Immediately

What Happens When You Watch the
Sales Skills Accelerator Course Video?

What this course is:

The Sales Skills Accelerator is an effective & proven sales training taught by Australia’s
top sales trainer

How it's delivered:

On-demand video course you and your team have lifetime access to.

Who it's for:

  • Salespeople who want to reliably close sales without stress.
  • Sales team leader who want their team break thtrough barriers
  • Execs who want their employees to persue sales opportunities

Proven Sales Strategy Based on
& Data-Driven Approach

What your get:

  • A proven method to remove all resistance and make selling effortless.
  • Techniques to close clients without hard selling
  • Natural selling methods for introverts
  • A Framework to quickly get to the heart of what the prospects wants

A totally different approach:

Most sales methods teaches technique to enquire, answer objections, and ten close. The sales accelerator is different, it goes to the straight of what drives all sales:human nature

  • Step one: learn to control your own emotions.
  • Step two: Understand what emotions your prospect is experiencing
  • Step three: sales become effortless and natural

Use this system to Remove Resistance
& make sales simple & stress free

ABA is no ordinary coaching company.

We use science to measure where resistance is limiting sales Ability. We then remove these blocks with our unusual but effective coaching techniques. The results are rapid and powerful

  • Step one: learn to control your own emotions.
  • Step two: Understand what emotions your prospect is experiencing
  • Step three: sales become effortless and natural

The outcome is a game changer for sales peoples. This is how you gain clarity and focus, allowing you to work to your highest potential.

Customers that rave about us

See how the ABA training has transformed businesses & lives.

  • Joel Wiley Myaree WA, Australia

    I have been working with Mike for a number of years now. The communication skills and tools that I have gained from participating in one on one coaching sessions, along with the group workshops, has helped in all facets of my life - which have ultimately lead to multiple personal and career achievements.

    Peter Daly-Dickson Australia

    Mike's capacity and ability to really *hear* you is astounding. That, combined with his scientific, data-driven coaching process, creates a growth environment unlike any I have ever experienced. If you think you have any room for growth in business, I highly recommend you connect with Mike and ABA.

    David Deane-Spread Australia

    Working with Mike, his team and fellow participants was valuable and rewarding experience!

  • Kody Steddy Australia

    Mike is a great coach who puts new and existing concepts into a unique framework that can be applied easily to get better results in sales and life. The difference with Mike compared to so many other people I've worked with is his ability to really understand you and help you to understand yourself at a deeper level.

    Peter Robertson Australia

    I have done Mikes courses and I can attest that he is "the real deal". Mike takes an approach that is different to any other communication/business coach I've worked with. You will gain insights into what you're doing automatically, why, and how to get into the nitty gritty of effecting real change.

    Steve Fizz Australia

    I personally worked with Mike one-on-one to assist me in making a pretty significant mindset shift. I'm happy to say the coaching did that and much more.

  • Amanda Kerr Myaree WA, Australia

    I love how this course in its many subtle ways has enriched my life - I am beginning to really know myself now and my business is going ahead in leaps and bounds.

    Cameron Slater Australia

    We have utilised the services of Advanced Business Abilities since 2011 and continue work with their team to this day. Their support and training to myself and our management team, as well as the implementation of their recruitment system has been the cornerstone to our continual growth and success.

    Rod Isard Australia

    We have undertaken a journey with ABA and our team and whilst initially skeptical we found the process challenging and thought provoking. Some weeks after completion many of the individuals involved had changed significantly for the better, their stress was under control and their communication in dealing with others had a complete turnaround. Well done to Mike and the team we are very satisfied with the results .


A course designed to take you
to sales mastery

See what you’ll get in the Sales Accelerator Course below:

Discover how selling has become far more complicated than it
needs to be.

This first section will show you how sales can realy be a
straight forward, helpful & natural process that you an excel at.

  • Printables
  • Welcome to Module 1
  • The Structure of Your Existence
  • Apply the Structure of Your Existence to everyday life (6:30 min)
  • Diary: The Structure of Your Existence in your life
  • Management by Agreement
  • Apply Management by Agreement (5:43 min)
  • Diary: Management by Agreement in your life
  • The Laws of Exchange
  • Applying the Laws of Exchange (2:38 min)
  • Diary: The Laws of Exchange in your life
  • Welcome to Module 2 (2:06 min)
  • How to be the Ruler of Your World
  • Apply How to be the Ruler of Your World (4:02 min)
  • Diary: How to be the Ruler of Your World
  • Everyday Words That Suppress You
  • Apply the Everyday words that suppress you (4:02 min)
  • Diary: Everyday words that Suppress you
  • Welcome to Module 3 (1:15 min)
  • Test Your Mind's Response
  • Apply Test Your Minds Response (3:35 min)
  • Diary: Testing My Mind's Response
  • The Most Important Type of Goal to Set
  • Apply The Most Important Type of Goal To Set (1:46 min)
  • Diary: The Most Important Type of Goal I''m going to set
  • Welcome to Module 4 (2:07 min)
  • A System for Building Relationships
  • Diary: How a System for Building Relationships has showed up in my life
  • How Cooperation is the Key Element to Success
  • Diary: How Cooperation is the Key Element to Success
  • How to Handle People Who Cause You Problems
  • Diary: How I'm going handle people who cause me problems

Will This Course Work For Me?

Will it work in my industry? (B2B, B2C)

Yes, because we base our approach on human nature, and that’s the same in
every industry. Clients have used our methods in real estate, high-tech, low-
tech, B2C & B2B sales.

Is this only for advanced salespeople?

Both novice and veteran salespeople have used this course. It's effective
because it works on the deep psychological drives common to all humans.

Sales training designed to work in the field
& tested in multiple business situations

What are the trainer credentials?

Mike Irving, founder of ABA, ran what was at the time the largest sales company in Australia. Since then, ABA has helped hundreds of salespeople make dramatic improvements. We have the data to prove it.

How long does it take to go through the course?

You can go through the course at your own pace. It typically takes 3-4 weeks to complete all the exercises.

Do you have a guarantee?

We have a 30 day money-back guarantee.