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Do you want to effortlessly sell, WITH integrity? How much more excited would you be about sales if you had prospects closing themselves, and demanding your product or service at the end of each meeting? And to know that the reason they're doing that is that they GENUINELY want what your offering; not because you've used some sneaky manipulative "tactic" on them. That's what we'll be teaching in this totally free Sales Skills Accelerator Masterclass. Register now to save your seat!

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Knowing When to Close a Sale

16 minute watch & learn

Have you ever experienced a sales meeting with a prospect that just felt absolutely effortless? You left going “Well, that was easy! They were really keen.”

It’s an amazing feeling.

And at the same time, the question we have is: Do you understand what happened that created that? Do you know what was going on for your client for them to close themselves for you?

There’s a system or a model we teach called ‘The Ruin Cycle’. This model will explain exactly what happened in that situation that led to your prospect demanding your service. It’s just that you wouldn’t have known it was happening at the time.

Once you understand this model, you can replicate it. You can have more people closing themselves at the end of the meeting. And you’ll have far more understanding of exactly knowing when to close.

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Hire Great People Who Stay

50 minute watch & learn

Recruiting can seem like a daunting and painstaking task and often one that ends up in huge turnover rates and disappointing results.

If you’ve had trouble recruiting in the past and are looking for insights into the best methods to use and what to look out for, this masterclass is for you.

We have designed this training to give you an insight into the five biggest secrets that smart business owners like you have learned.

Learning these secrets is successfully helping them Hire Great People Who Stay. Master this highly productive formula, and soon you will be too.

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Make Decisions with Clarity

22 minute watch & learn

One of the most challenging parts of life and business can be making decisions. This is especially true if the decision is one that has a bit of emotion attached to it (and a lot of them do!).

We’ve all been there before - whether it’s time to hire a new staff member, buy a new car, or start a new arm of your business, there are big (and small) decisions that can get us all wrapped up in a ball of emotion.

This masterclass gives you a simple way to have a clear picture of what you are saying yes to. It’s a decision matrix you can use for everything from profiling a new job position in your company to selecting a new house to live in. It’s going to benefit you in many decisions you have coming up... As long as you actually use it!

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The 5 Simple Keys to Reclaiming Your Personal Power and Living Your Life on Your Terms

47 minute watch & learn

It’s easy in life to get bogged down by all the things you think you “need to” or “should” be doing. Millions of people walk around each day feeling restricted in some way; unable to achieve a particular goal and unsure why that is.

This masterclass will help you understand what you can do to feel more able to achieve your desired outcome in life. Whether your aim is to lose weight, earn a certain amount of money, or expand your business, the 5 topics covered in this masterclass will support you to get more of what you want out of life.

We’ve already supported hundreds of clients to implement what’s discussed in this masterclass, with phenomenal results. They’re out there now, living their life fully in choice, and feeling able to create the life they want.

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