Mike Irving | Coach & Founder

Mike Irving founded a sales solutions company at the age of 21. Over the next decade, he grew his business successfully by helping his clients lower the cost of their acquisition strategies. This helped Mike develop exceptional skills in training, interviewing and leading teams.

During the course of his sales business, he created an average of 15,000 new customers per year on behalf of his clients and built a team of 300 sales reps to get it done.

Mike thrived in business because he enjoyed working with people, but there was something wrong inside of him that went unnoticed by most. His life was a roller coaster ride.

Although he achieved business success — he had houses, cars, and plenty of money — he was carrying a large amount of emotional strain.

Mike’s emotional toll affected both his personal and business life. His relationships faltered because he was working 80-90 hours a week, and his business suffered due to stress and being overworked.

Through the course of his business, Mike sought help from coaches. Unfortunately, that help didn’t work. The coaches he used were both smart and experienced, but their programs were generic and often difficult to implement. They didn’t handle the problems Mike was experiencing. They actually made them worse… until he found the style of coaching he now delivers.

The solution lied in an understanding of what gets in the way of implementation. The understanding Mike came to revealed detailed information about the way we create our own reality as beings. The blog and all the services supplied by Advanced Business Abilities are based on that understanding, and designed to help you implement successful actions in your life and business to support you to have wins in your chosen game.

Personally, Mike’s love of adventure dirt bike riding, camping and travelling combines beautifully with a love of good food and wine. Of course, the best food is cooked over a campfire and enjoyed with great friends and his wife Angela. They live together in Mount Pleasant, just up from the shores of the Canning River in Perth.

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