Leadership Performance Evaluation & Strategy Session

Activating Your Self Awareness

Even the best leaders and innovators occasionally find themselves feeling stuck. You're taking aim and your arrow flies through the air and hits the target, but maybe isn't hitting the bullseye. We can support you to make the subtle changes necessary to hit that bullseye.

It's frustrating when you feel like you've hit the wall; when things aren't working the way you want them to and you're uncertain about what to do next.

Our Leadership Performance Evaluation & Strategy Session is designed to pinpoint exactly what it is that's restricting you, so you go back to hitting that bullseye time and time again.


"I knew certain habits I had were a problem for me in life, but I didn't realise the true extent of it until the evaluation. Those assessments are spot on and even just in becoming aware of what they revealed about me, things started to change for the better.”

-Kent Manos, Paragon Scaffolding

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What will a Leadership Performance Evaluation & Strategy Session Do?

Have you ever noticed that certain things you struggle with, seem to come effortlessly to other people. Has there ever been a time in your life when you’ve thought “Why can’t I do that? Why is that so easy for them and so impossible to me?”

Does it seem like other people are effortlessly hitting the bullseye, while your arrow keeps missing the mark?

These thoughts are common, and unfortunately can lead to the belief that there’s something “wrong” with you.

Our reality is that there is nothing wrong with you - you are always 100 percent ok; and, there can be aspects of your decision making processes, behaviors, and attitudes that work against your own best interests. We call these Blind Spots. It’s called that because, just like in a car, a blind spot will restrict your ability to make decisions and potentially cause an issue.

These Blind Spots cause you to unknowingly reach down and pull the rug right out from under your own feet, they are one of the reasons that your arrow isn’t hitting the bullseye.

Since 2006, we’ve used our Leadership Performance Evaluation and Strategy Session (LPESS) to help hundreds of clients to discover these blind spots for themselves.

The LPESS begins with our online assessments called the Predictor Profiles. These are not personality profiles - they are in depth assessments measuring over 50 traits that very accurately predict your behavior, and point out those blind spots.

The Predictors have been developed by one of the members of our research team. Over a 40 year period he accumulated and analysed data that allowed us to determine the way that top performing people responded to the questions and statements. Your responses will be compared to this data.

Once we receive your results, we sit down with you for 2-4 hours going through your results with you and ensuring you understand what they say. This is the Evaluation & Strategy Session.

Our experience shows us that you’ll walk away from this with new distinctions about yourself that will prove to be invaluable to your future success. Of the hundreds of clients that have engaged in Evaluations, the most common comment we get is “How did those assessments determine all that about me? I can’t believe how accurate it is.”

You can’t get to where you want to get to without knowing where you’re starting from. One of the reasons we want to meet with you for a coffee is because we want to understand where you want to go, and we also want to understand what’s happening for you now.

If we’re going to engage together, we want to be absolutely certain that we know exactly where the bullseye is that we’re going to be aiming our arrow at. So every step of the process is going to be designed to further understand where that bullseye is, and what’s getting in the way of you hitting it.