Unlocking Success: How to Find a Good Business Coach in 4 Steps

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  • Unlocking Success: How to Find a Good Business Coach in 4 Steps
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Considering working with a business coach? In this article, you’ll see the 4 simple steps on how to find a good business coach this year.

Scale your business, sidestep potential hurdles and navigate towards success, all without the stress of trial-and-error. That’s the transformative power of great business coaches. In the challenging landscape of business, they are your guiding beacon, leading you to accomplishments you once thought unattainable.

Think of a good business coach as your trusted guide, lighting the path through the twists and turns of running a business. They’re there for you, from setting targets to making tough choices, from building a winning team to crafting a sharp strategy.

But hold on a moment, finding this magical mentor isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a quest that wants a good deal of understanding of what to look out for and how to tell the true game-changers from the rest.

In this article, we’re going to guide you on how to spot a fantastic business coach and the remarkable difference they can make to your business success. By the end, you’ll be in a much stronger position to find that coach who could transform how you do business.

Avoid the Downfalls of a Bad Business Coach

Boost your business growth by choosing the right coach. Navigating the world of business coaching can feel like walking through a minefield, with an array of styles, approaches, and experiences at every turn. Let’s delve into the pitfalls of choosing the wrong coach and how that could stifle your business growth and success.

Beware the Narrow Gaze

We’ve all met them – those life coaches who lean heavily on their own experiences to offer guidance. Sure, personal insight can be handy, but what happens when they start pushing their own ways of doing things onto your unique business? Trouble, that’s what.

Simply put, they’re viewing your business through their own narrow spectacles, coloured by their personal life and experiences. These might not match up with your business’s particular circumstances or its individual nature. Hence, their advice could miss the mark, and instead of propelling your business forward, you might find yourself stuck in neutral.

how to find a good business coach

Don’t Ignore the Science

Next up, we’ve got the coach who gives science the cold shoulder. Executive coaching isn’t just about dispensing advice; it’s about understanding human behaviour, decision-making, motivation and a whole host of factors that directly impact how your business operates.

By sidestepping the scientific angle, these coaches squander the chance to offer truly insightful, evidence-backed guidance. They won’t be able to dig deep into the root causes that might be hampering your business performance. Consequently, their value drops dramatically, and your business might miss out on the advantages of a science-infused approach.

Failing to Track Growth

Finally, we come to a significant pitfall of a bad business coach – the failure to keep tabs on your growth. If a coach can’t measure and record your progress, they’re essentially driving blind.

Without proper tracking, it’s nigh on impossible to pinpoint what’s working and what’s floundering, where tweaks can be made, or if the leadership coaching is even adding any real value.

This shortfall could spell disaster for the coaching process and, ultimately, for any small business. You could end up standing still, unable to see any concrete progress or returns on your coaching investment.

Coming up next, we’ll reveal the tell-tale signs of a fantastic business coach, steering you towards a decision that could catapult your business in a new and exciting direction. Without further ado, let’s now look at how to find a good business coach.

How to Find a Good Business Coach

Transform your business trajectory with the perfect coach for you – a task easier said than done amidst the sea of options. Here are some crucial factors to consider when identifying good coaching services:

Science is Their Friend

A top-notch coach uses science-backed methods, not just hearsay or their gut feelings. They go beyond offering anecdotal advice or general business strategies. Instead, they dive into the deep-seated, scientifically-backed factors that influence your business decisions and your performance as a business owner.

reasons to hire a business coach

They’ve Been There, Done That, But Don’t Force It

Sure, it’s handy if a coach has had their own business success. They’ve walked the walk. But that doesn’t mean they should make you follow in their exact footsteps. A small business is unique, just like any business owner. You want a bespoke game plan, not a carbon copy of someone else’s.

A stellar coach knows this. They rely on outstanding soft skills to unearth any problems that might be tripping up your business and adapt their guidance to fit your individual situation. They use their experience as a flexible tool, not a rulebook, to create a supportive and personalised coaching relationship.

Keeping Score

What’s a game without a scoreboard, right? A successful business coach will keep track of your growth, setting achievable targets and doing a victory dance with you when you hit them. They log your progress in a way that’s transparent and goal-focused.

This keeps you on the ball, motivated and held to account. Plus, it lets you see the fruits of your labour, boosting morale and proving that the coaching program you’re undertaking is worth it. Celebrating wins big and small builds a positive coaching atmosphere, cultivating a winning mentality and mutual respect.

Questions to Ask When Searching for a Business Coach

Unlock your path to exponential business growth by asking the right questions to your prospective business coach. Let’s look at some key questions that will help you find a coach who fits your unique needs:

1- What methods do you use in your coaching practice?

This question allows you to gauge whether the coach utilises science-based methodologies in their business coaching practice, such as predictors. This approach offers a more nuanced and effective way to tackle the unique challenges and opportunities of your business.

2- Can you provide examples of your past business successes?

A successful track record can provide valuable insights into a coach’s capabilities. However, remember that their approach should not be a strict blueprint for your own success but a resource to inform your individual journey.

3- How do you adapt your business coaching style to fit individual clients?

This question will give you a sense of the coach’s ability to tailor their methods to suit your specific needs. It indicates their understanding and appreciation of individual differences in the business realm.

4- How do you track the progress of your clients?

A good coach will have a system in place to track your growth and keep you accountable. They should be able to provide a clear and transparent roadmap for how they track progress and set goals.

5- Can you share a time when you celebrated a client’s achievement?

This question sheds light on the coach’s commitment to celebrating milestones, reinforcing the importance of positive reinforcement in the coaching journey.

6- How do you apply your own business experiences in coaching, without forcing your views on clients?

By asking these questions in your first conversation with a potential coach, you’ll find the perfect partner to skyrocket your business growth. After all, a coach who aligns with these principles is more likely to send your business success into the stratosphere.


Avoid the stagnation that comes with picking the wrong business coach. Running a business is tough, and going it alone can be a steep uphill climb. You could push on by yourself, potentially hitting unnecessary obstacles and going off track. But if you’re really serious about accelerating your path to success and avoiding potential pitfalls, a business coach’s help can be game-changing.

They’re there to help you shine a light on the roadblocks slowing your progress, helping you navigate through them with a personalised roadmap. At ABA, we’ve crafted a unique and highly effective system called Predictor Profiles.

Mike Irving ABA executive coach

With a 95% accuracy rate, this scientific method spots the hidden challenges that might be blocking your progress. Once we’ve sussed out what’s holding you back, we work with you to devise a tailor-made action plan, clearing your path for breakthroughs that might have seemed unattainable before.

Remember, your success journey doesn’t have to be a solo mission. Take your first step today and get on track to finding your ideal business coach. Fancy finding out more about working with exceptional business coaches? Book a discovery call with one of our experts. With the right guidance, your business journey can be an exciting voyage of discovery, growth, and ultimate achievement for you and your team.

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Unlocking Success: How to Find a Good Business Coach in 4 Steps

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