Having a break - you've worked hard

Having A Break – You’ve worked hard

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When was the last time you had a break?

I’m not talking about a weekend off.

Or a weekday where you actually finished at 5.

I’m talking about a break.  A holiday.  Time away from your business.

I’m writing the day before I jump on a plane and head to Thailand for two weeks.

A little island called Koh Lanta.

I’ve been pushing pretty hard lately and I can feel it.  And I know I’m straight back into it when I get back.

Having a break gives you the chance to recharge the batteries.

I know I always come back from a break with a different view point – I’ve had time to reflect on what I’ve been working on and that’s often the most valuable thing to me.

To me, your business is created to support your life.

It’s not the other way around – and unfortunately for too many people it is.

Take a break.  You’ve worked hard and waiting until there is XXX amount of money in the bank, or clients on the list isn’t going to refresh you.

I’m off to Thailand – see you in two weeks!

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