Foundations of
Successful Self-Leadership

Step into the driver's seat of you life! Overcome the limiting
beliefs that rob your everyday confidence and self-assurance
with my proven approach to successful self-leadership.

  • Breakthrough your negative thought patterns
  • Let go of fear and stress
  • Take back your confidence and self-worth
  • Start living with joy, purpose, and fulfillment

Embrace Life
to The Fullest

The Foundations of Successful Self Leadership
System has helped hundreds of people create real
change in their life.

Shift your self-defeating thought patterns, release
the chains that suffocate you, and return to an
empowered being in total control of your life starting

  • Become More Present In Your Day To Day Life
  • Experience New Found Levels Of Confidence
  • Be A Better Parent & Spouse

“The information in this series has contributed significantly to me living a confident and authentic life.”

Des Danger

“As a new mother, I feel more at ease and in control. I’m grounded and centred instead of overwhelmed and frustrated..”

Sarah-Jane Haydon

“I feel more in control of my life, my
relationships, particularly with my children,
have improved a thousand fold. I felt like I was
going on a journey with Caz & that
‘togetherness’ was comforting. Thank you, Mike
& Caz.”

Shannon Minnett

Simple, effective and easy to implement

It doesn’t involve firewalking, positive affirmations,
analysing all your past mistakes, confessing all your sins
on a hard couch, or fervent prayers to an unseen entity.
The Foundations of Successful Self Leadership program
brings it back to YOU.

An Interactive Online Video Based
Program To Take Charge Of Your Life

Is the Foundations of Successful Self
program right for me?

As a successful executive or CEO, you understand the importance of
making smart investments that yield a positive return.

Personal development is no exception.

Investing in our Successful Self Leadership Program is undoubtely a
smart investment in yourself.

Just like hiring a personal financial advisor would be an excellent idea
to help you manage your investments and achieve your financial

You will work with world-class coach Mike Irving to help you identify
the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns holding you back.

From there, Mike will empower you to achieve greater success,
fulfillment, and happiness in all areas of your life.

That’s what happened to executive assistant Shannon Minnett who,
after joining this program, is now closer than ever to his children:

“I feel more in control of my life, my relationships, particularly with my
children, have improved a thousand fold. I love the concise nature and
length of the videos too; it makes them extremely easy to slot into a
schedule with multiple priorities.”

There’s no reason not to give Successful Self Leadership Program an
honest try.

You will be amazed at how fast you can say goodbye to your limiting
beliefs and thrive in life with Mike and Caz by your side.

Not only that, if you revisit this program in 6 months time, you will
learn new and different things from the first time around. This is not
the type of program that you do once and forget about it.

About Us

Successful entrepreneurs confidently controlling their reality.

They’re also friends and travel addicts with a common mission: to help people create
lives they want.

They understand the pain of living a life that feels out of control and lived in
accordance to the expectation and demands of others. They too felt the fear that they
could never make it work, the confusion of what to do, and the feeling that something
was missing.

This search for clarity led them through a process of introspection to take the control
back and create something more meaningful. Mike is now a successful business coach
and Caz, is co-founder of one of the most successful travel blogs in the world.

The twist to this story.

Mike worked with Caz’s as a business coach. She had hit a plateau and couldn’t
understand what was preventing her from stepping up to a new level. Her usual tools
and strategies no longer worked and she was tearing her hair out figuring out what was
going wrong.

Her frustration and longing to create something different, and the knowingness that
she did not have to figure it out on her own, motivated her to ask Mike for help.

He shone a light on the underlying causes of her limitations and opened her eyes to
how she was subtly sabotaging her intentions. Following Mike’s system for change, her
perspective has completely shifted and her self-esteem and control over her life has
improved dramatically.

The extra twist is that they filmed the live coaching experience to help you make the
same changes.

Now it's your turn to observe, apply, and increase your ability to be a leader.

Customers that rave about us

See how coach Mike Irving has transformed businesses & lives

  • Joel Wiley Myaree WA, Australia

    I have been working with Mike for a number of years now. The communication skills and tools that I have gained from participating in one on one coaching sessions, along with the group workshops, has helped in all facets of my life - which have ultimately lead to multiple personal and career achievements.

    Peter Daly-Dickson Australia

    Mike's capacity and ability to really *hear* you is astounding. That, combined with his scientific, data-driven coaching process, creates a growth environment unlike any I have ever experienced. If you think you have any room for growth in business, I highly recommend you connect with Mike and ABA.

    David Deane-Spread Australia

    Working with Mike, his team and fellow participants was valuable and rewarding experience!

  • Kody Steddy Australia

    Mike is a great coach who puts new and existing concepts into a unique framework that can be applied easily to get better results in sales and life. The difference with Mike compared to so many other people I've worked with is his ability to really understand you and help you to understand yourself at a deeper level.

    Peter Robertson Australia

    I have done Mikes courses and I can attest that he is "the real deal". Mike takes an approach that is different to any other communication/business coach I've worked with. You will gain insights into what you're doing automatically, why, and how to get into the nitty gritty of effecting real change.

    Steve Fizz Australia

    I personally worked with Mike one-on-one to assist me in making a pretty significant mindset shift. I'm happy to say the coaching did that and much more.

  • Amanda Kerr Myaree WA, Australia

    I love how this course in its many subtle ways has enriched my life - I am beginning to really know myself now and my business is going ahead in leaps and bounds.

    Cameron Slater Australia

    We have utilised the services of Advanced Business Abilities since 2011 and continue work with their team to this day. Their support and training to myself and our management team, as well as the implementation of their recruitment system has been the cornerstone to our continual growth and success.

    Rod Isard Australia

    We have undertaken a journey with ABA and our team and whilst initially skeptical we found the process challenging and thought provoking. Some weeks after completion many of the individuals involved had changed significantly for the better, their stress was under control and their communication in dealing with others had a complete turnaround. Well done to Mike and the team we are very satisfied with the results .

A Roadmap To The Greatest Version Of Yourself

We know you’re busy! That’s why we created a user-friendly program that
allows you to fit the training videos into your schedule.

  • Understanding Quantum Resistance (11:20 min)
  • Understanding Perturbation (4:53 min)
  • How to Study and Learn Quickly with ABA (7:58 min)
  • How to Go Through This Course (1:15 min)
  • Printables
  • Welcome to Module 1
  • The Structure of Your Existence
  • Apply the Structure of Your Existence to everyday life (6:30 min)
  • Diary: The Structure of Your Existence in your life
  • Management by Agreement
  • Apply Management by Agreement (5:43 min)
  • Diary: Management by Agreement in your life
  • The Laws of Exchange
  • Applying the Laws of Exchange (2:38 min)
  • Diary: The Laws of Exchange in your life
  • Welcome to Module 2 (2:06 min)
  • How to be the Ruler of Your World
  • Apply How to be the Ruler of Your World (4:02 min)
  • Diary: How to be the Ruler of Your World
  • Everyday Words That Suppress You
  • Apply the Everyday words that suppress you (4:02 min)
  • Diary: Everyday words that Suppress you
  • Welcome to Module 3 (1:15 min)
  • Test Your Mind's Response
  • Apply Test Your Minds Response (3:35 min)
  • Diary: Testing My Mind's Response
  • The Most Important Type of Goal to Set
  • Apply The Most Important Type of Goal To Set (1:46 min)
  • Diary: The Most Important Type of Goal I''m going to set
  • Welcome to Module 4 (2:07 min)
  • A System for Building Relationships
  • Diary: How a System for Building Relationships has showed up in my life
  • How Cooperation is the Key Element to Success
  • Diary: How Cooperation is the Key Element to Success
  • How to Handle People Who Cause You Problems
  • Diary: How I'm going handle people who cause me problems

Break Free From Limiting Thoughts. Create an Extraordinary Life.

Imagine you get to walk around every day with a feeling of
confidence and self-worth. When you look in the mirror, instead of
seeing a ‘lesser’ version of yourself, you see a reflection of who you
truly are…

A healthy, strong, and radiant human being.

Every morning brings a rush of happiness, energy, and excitement for
what the day holds. There are limitless possibilities every time you
walk out the door.

You’re a happier person, and everyone around you can feel it. You
become a better spouse, a more supportive friend, and a more loving
parent. You’re also fearless at work, tackling challenges head-on and
leading others to greater success and fulfilment.

What's not to love about this scenario?

This is not just a fantasy but a reality that can be achieved through
the Foundations of Successful Self-Leadership Program.

You've spent so many years wishing for a better life but never taking
action. It's time to take charge. It's time to end the vicious cycle of
limiting beliefs holding you back. It’s time to start living the life you