How Acknowledgement Solves Communication Issues

How Acknowledgment Solves Communication Issues

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Communication is an interchange of ideas.

The thing is in order for there to be communication, there is a requirement for both talking and listening. If no one listens, it doesn’t matter how much talking happens, there is no communication.

If someone is saying something to you, it means they intend to be heard. Don’t be surprised if they get upset with you if you don’t listen. Listening is giving thoughtful and patient attention to what someone else is saying. The key word there is attention. This is where communication issues can arise.

Sometimes, even when you did listen, they might not have noticed that you listened. This is going to have the same result as not listening at all. Make sure they know you listened.

Letting the other person know you’ve heard and understood them is vital. Otherwise it’s easy for it to turn into a version of the Abbott and Costello comedy skit called ‘Who’s on First?’

I can’t help but to hear that in my mind with a New York Accent!. Who’s on First?

A great way to make sure they know you’ve heard them is an acknowledgement of some sort.

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An acknowledgement can come in many different forms.

Saying ‘Thank you’ tends to end a communication cycle, while saying ‘Uh huh’ or ‘yeah’ tends to say ‘I’ve heard what you’ve said, I understand, and please continue’.

Some people will just talk and talk and talk and talk and they don’t listen at all.

Acknowledgements don’t work as well with them. It can be difficult to find a time to say anything, let alone ‘Thank you’ with an intention to end the communication cycle.

A good way to deal with people like this when you’ve come to the end of your tolerance of their talking is to put your hand on them (their shoulder, or their arm) and use their name, as if to say ‘Mike, I’ve heard you, and it’s my turn to talk’.

If you don’t use acknowledgements, you’ll experience upsets in the form of resentment, anger, or similar.

Communication seems to be the most important skill to develop in order to achieve results in life.

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