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Four questions to ask your candidate before you make a job offer

What are the final interview questions I ask before I make a job offer? I’m sure that there could be hundreds of answers to that question,…

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How to Conduct a Phone Interview

First thing first: What is your main objective of the phone interview?  What are you aiming to achieve as a result of this call? For…

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The Truth About Resumes

and Applications (and what to do about it) Here’s the truth. People Lie. Not all people.  Not all the time.  And definitely not all the…

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How To Write a Job Ad That Attracts the Right People

If you haven’t already read it, make sure you check out this blog post on documenting your company culture before you bother reading this…

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How To Create a Profile for Your Job Opening

When profiling your job role, simple is best. What you will learn from this post: What are the four main behavioural quadrants…

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What is a Good Attitude?

I first started asking this question almost 20 years ago.  I was being trained to go door to door selling services on behalf of corporate…

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