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Five steps to handle a misunderstanding

Misunderstandings ruin relationships. Whether it’s a marriage, a business partnership, or your neighbour, a misunderstanding can cause a lot of damage. When a misunderstanding occurs,…

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How an unintended tone creates upsets

Unintended tone can have a huge impact on communication. Your body language and your voice can both influence it in a statement or question. The…

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How You Are Suppressing Your Leadership Ability?

Just before I was turning 30 I hit a real low point in my life. I had been in business since I was 21, and…

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Five steps to mastering the art of communication

Communication is a work of art. And your ability to communicate will sit somewhere between the ranking of a Picasso and something from the Museum…

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Have You Documented Anything About Your Company Culture?

First, A recommendation: Mark Murphy from Leadership IQ I’m a big fan of Mark Murphy and the work that his company, Leadership IQ has done…

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The most important thing to know about goal setting

I thought I would share one of the distinctions I’ve had on the subject of Goal Setting over the last eight years.  I’ve done heaps of…

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