Customer Successes

Discover the positive impact Advanced Business Abilities has made to our clients' businesses and lives.

Mike Haydon

Founder & CEO - 24 Hour Solar Power

“If I take a step back and look, it's been pretty amazing what we've achieved in that short period of time, and I'm pretty confident we wouldn't have achieved this level of success without engaging and working with Mike and the team. ”

Kent Menos

Managing Director

“The depth of information in these assessments is incredible. Not only have they helped me to hire great employees, but they also provide information I can think with when I’m managing and developing our people. They’ve had a huge impact on my team, and also on my own ability to understand and develop them. Their accuracy is amazing and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Amy Bliefnick

Founder - 511 West

“Working with Mike has changed a lot of things for me. It's made sales calls so much easier and more enjoyable. It's really made me more confident and actually excited to get on sales calls, which is something I thought I would never say.”

Rob Frketic

“The results this provided were incredible. My life is easier and more effortless in every way. It’s amazing how quickly resistance disappears with this process. ”

Amanda Kerr

Owner- Capricorn Real Estate

“I've done a lot of personal development work and I've done some coaching as well. This is unlike anything I've ever done. This is unique and amazing. And I think the most favourite thing is it allows me to be more myself.”

Peter Robertson

Director - W Porteous

“Mike really can drill down to the heart of what sits at the core of how we communicate and how we come across probably better than anyone else I've ever worked with. But what I really found valuable, invaluable actually with Mike's program is that it got to the crux of what sits at the centre of how you present, how you talk, how you communicate, and that was... There's nothing more important than that.”

Andrew Erkins

Co-Founder and CEO - Digit

“Working with Mike has created some significant shifts with me over the last 12 months. I think back to the person that I was a year ago and that level of anxiety that I had, and the pressure that I built up on myself, to now being in a state today where I’m comfortable simply being the captain of the ship and guiding that ship forward in amongst everything that we come up against day-to-day within the business, within life. It’s a good place to be and it’s a far better position to be in today than what it was when we first started.”

Pete Griffiths

Owner- iHunt Down Under

“The money, time and effort that I've spent training with ABA, and I've done a considerable amount of courses, is second to none. The skills I've learned are real skills that you can put into action. You're actually practising and it's a lot like fight training. You see the skill you learn the skill you do the skill.”