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Transform Your Life and Love Your Work 

Do you feel like there’s more you could be offering the world?

Are you searching for a career you can be proud of? Do you have a genuine desire to understand what makes people tick, and how to create lasting permanent change in behaviours and attitudes? Do you believe that you create your own reality? and have you been searching for answers as to how exactly that is? If so, then Advanced Business Abilities (ABA) might have an opportunity for you. Imagine waking up every day passionate about what you do and knowing that you’re making a massive difference in the lives of the clients you work with.

  • Do you believe people often get in the way of their own success?
  • Do you believe that you create your own reality?
  • Do you believe there are ways to break through invisible barriers?

Now, this isn’t pie-in-the-sky nor is it easy-street thinking. Learning to become an ABA coach requires focus, commitment, and dedication, and it is well worth the effort.

Is ABA Executive Business Coaching Right for You?

Do you have a true passion for coaching and a strong desire to understand the inner workings of the mind and help people overcome their limitations?, then ABA Executive Business Coaching may be the perfect fit for you. This opportunity is not about earning millions, or being associated with the rich and famous. A career in coaching is about finding fulfilment in helping others succeed and being grateful for the opportunity to be the guide in their journey.

Our programmes are designed for individuals who have a deep desire to understand how the mind works. You will learn how to sense the barriers that prevent people from achieving their goals, and then support them to break through those barriers. Your training will transform you into an expert at effectively guiding them towards overcoming these obstacles.

Choosing to become an ABA Coach is a decision to pursue a life of passion and authenticity. Every day is a chance to be your best self and help others do the same. If this sounds like the right path for you, we invite you to join our elite community of coaches.

What Will I Learn?

As an ABA coach you will learn to be a guide to your clients. And what you will be guiding them through is our frameworks, systems, principles and models that we have spent 50 years developing. In order to be able to do that, it is necessary that you have gone through that process yourself first, in order to fully understand it and then be able to guide others.

We will teach you not only the science, technology, and human skills but also the subtleties required to identify resistance in your clients and subtly adjust the way they perceive their world. Your task is then to ensure that you fully understand this and that you can demonstrate your understanding of it to us.

You will then be trained to lead your own clients and be part of the greater business. When you join ABA, you will never look at work the same again. You will gain daily satisfaction from seeing impressive people generate results they thought were impossible.

How Long Does It Take and What's the Process?

The length of the coaching programme depends on your dedication and availability. Some people complete the training faster, while others work on it part-time over 5 years or longer. It is important to know, this isn’t a certificate you’ll gain over a weekend; it's  a life-time skill you are learning, and it takes time. We will work around your schedule, and this involves a firm long-term commitment from you. The process is hands-on. We will teach you the tools we use, coach you first so you can experience the system, and teach you soft skills to master communication.

Does It Cost Anything?

The coaching program is not free. We want commitment, and we are willing to bend over backward to transform you into a global expert in coaching. Therefore, you pay a deposit in your own success, confirming that commitment. It’s money that will double if you complete the course and become a valued member of the team. And even if you don’t, what you learn will be well worth the investment and will support you to be successful in whatever you choose to do.

What Sort of Clients Will I Work With?

At ABA, our ideal clients are highly motivated and skilled business owners and executives. We also support staff of these clients, small business owners, Mums and Dads, and anyone else who is willing to inspect and looking to change.

You will have the opportunity to form amazing relationships and experience incredible things. As an ABA coach, you are incredibly important in your clients' lives, and they look to you for guidance. With your training, you will perform that role with ease.

Overall, ABA offers a unique opportunity for those who are passionate about coaching and dedicated to transforming themselves into global experts. With our hands-on approach, you will be able to learn from the best and become part of a team whose purpose is to transform lives and make the planet a better place, one person at a time.

Are you ready to take the first step?

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Why I took this training 15 years ago.

They say you only learn through experience. Mike Irving has had his fair share. Having founded a sales solutions company at the age of 21, he grew his business, creating an average of 15,000 new customers a year for his clients and building a successful team of 300 sales reps.

Along the way, he worked up to 80-90 hours per week developing exceptional skills in training, interviewing and leading teams. However, as a result, his health, well-being and relationships suffered, followed eventually by his business. Mike sought help from coaches, but none were able to help as their programs were often generic and difficult to implement. Then Mike found a new style of coaching. The solution was an understanding of the barriers to implementation, revealing detailed information about our journey in creating our own reality. All the services supplied by Advanced Business Abilities are based on that understanding and are designed to help you implement successful actions in your personal life and business.