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Why the “To Do” list doesn’t work (and what can be done about it)

The “To do” list is all the rage these days.  Just like Time Management, which is a total lie. If you are a ‘To-Do list”…

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How to Deliberately Grow Any Relationship

Today I am going to teach you a model to grow any relationship. In fact, it’s a model that I use with every client that I…

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What am I saying ‘Yes” to?

What am I saying ‘Yes’ to? That’s my favourite question to ask myself when I’m making any decision. It helps me use my mind to…

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Why Time Management Won’t Get You Anywhere

How often do you hear about ‘time management’? I know I’ve seen countless articles, videos, blogs, etc on the topic. And…

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The Nine Divisions of Your Business

There’s a plethora of articles and information on the internet about different ways to structure a business. They’re often coming from the point…

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