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What is Perturbation

Perturbation – it’s not a word that’s used very often. It is a human experience – and it’s not taught in school, and most are…

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The Six States of Existence in Business Growth

I’m writing about this today because it’s been a hot topic in conversations with both long-term and new clients recently. I know I’ve made many decisions…

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13 Indicators of a Problem Generator

I’d love to think that everyone is innately good and kind in this world but unfortunately that’s just not the case. The truth is that…

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The 3 Essential Keys to Having Real Cooperation

Today lets look at something that is really subtle. In fact, it’s so subtle that it gets missed… often. You see, in order to have…

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How do you handle a shit day?

Since I’ve had a lot of experience with shit days (both my own and my clients) I have a few good answers to that question… so…

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Learn the single most important trait to look for when hiring

After almost 20 years of experience recruiting people, I’ve found over and over again that the single most important thing in hiring is attitude. In my…

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