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Are You Actually A Successful Business Owner?

Observations of a Coach We’ve been really fortunate to coach lots of successful business owners over the last 8 years.  Some of them weren’t so…

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The Nine Divisions of Your Business

There’s a plethora of articles and information on the internet about different ways to structure a business. They’re often coming from the point…

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The Importance of Business Networking Can’t Be Understated

When most people picture ‘business networking’ a few images usually come to mind. The first is handing out business cards to strangers at conferences, with…

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Fundamental Keys to Building Relationships With Stakeholders

Picture this: you’re at the end of a long consultation process. You have all the key people in the room, ready to vote on a…

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The 7 Cs of Communication Desperately Wants an Overhaul 

Everywhere in business, you see formulas for communication, and rules on how to talk to people for a good outcome. The 7 Cs of communication…

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What makes a good business coach?

Perhaps you’re at a point in your business where you know growth is being limited, but you’re not sure what’s blocking you. Or maybe there’s…

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How Communication Skills Help in Developing an Entrepreneur

There’s a myth in entrepreneurship of the ‘lone wolf’ business owner, who battles the odds alone, then triumphs in the end. These rare stories of…

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Construction Sales Strategies for Effortless Selling

Most construction businesses owners think they’re in the business of building. However, they’re always also in the business of selling. Whether you’re selling your services…

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