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Meet Mike Irving, the coach and founder of Advanced Business Abilities – a specialist in performance coaching and self-development.

Our journey

They say you only learn through experience. Mike Irving has had his fair share. Having founded a sales solutions company at the age of 21, he grew his business, creating an average of 15,000 new customers a year for his clients and building a successful team of 300 sales reps.

Along the way, he worked up to 80-90 hours per week developing exceptional skills in training, interviewing and leading teams. However, as a result, his health, well-being and relationships suffered, followed eventually by his business.

Mike sought help from coaches, but none were able to help as their programs were often generic and difficult to implement. Then Mike found a new style of coaching. The solution was an understanding of the barriers to implementation, revealing detailed information our-journey the way we create our own reality. All the services supplied by Advanced Business Abilities are based on that understanding and are designed to help you implement successful actions in your personal life and business.

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Passion for coaching

As a business owner, you'll know the day-to-day stresses that come with running a successful company. If you want to find the source of the problems you’re experiencing and resolve them, we can certainly help.

Over the years we've helped hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs and athletes improve their performance and reach their full potential. Our dedicated team will help you increase your communication, leadership and empathy skills which will have a positive impact on your sales. It's a win-win situation.

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Passion for sales

Nobody could be more passionate about sales than Mike Irving. He's been selling, training and managing sales teams for the last 20 years and trained thousands of sales reps along the way.

Mike's easy-to-follow and highly effective sales system has created hundreds of thousands of new customers for clients. Unlike most systems that use sneaky, manipulative sales tactics to get sales, something that was against Mike's ethics, his taps into fundamental human behaviours, identifying and satisfying the wants of the business owner and the client.

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