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Unlock the sales communication skills to turn every sales conversation into a resounding success: Master not just what you sell, but how you sell it, and see those leads evolve into loyal customers. Sure, most sales pros can recite their product’s features like the back of their hand. 

Yet, here’s a startling fact: a whopping 80% of sales are made by just 20% of salespeople. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What do these professionals know that others don’t? And what exactly are buyers craving from their sales reps?

HubSpot’s research team pulled back the curtain: a staggering 69% of buyers say, “Listen to my needs.” It boils down to this – it’s not just about the words you throw out; it’s about forging a genuine connection. 

In this article, we’ll unpack the 3 key sales skills that will turbocharge your success rate in sales conversations. Nail these down, and witness how ordinary sales pitches morph into trust-filled, handshake-ready deals. Let’s get right into it. 

Key Soft Skills for Sales Success

Close more deals and forge lasting relationships without the hard sell. As you’ll soon understand, it’s those underrated soft skills; the interpersonal side of sales that often makes the difference. Let’s break down what’s really turning those maybes into firm handshakes.

Stay Present

Anchor yourself in conversation through the power of your breathing. Deep, belly breaths, not those shallow chest ones, are your biggest friend. By centering your breath, you allow your mind to slow its roll, becoming intensely present. Everything flows from this deep breathing. Suddenly, every word from a client becomes more clear, every nod gains significance. Dive deep into these conversations, read between the lines, and you’ll find a world where the client’s wants and needs become crystal clear, forging trust on the fly.

Building Affinity

Forget the sales conversation right now and focus on the connection that exists between two individuals during an interaction: that’s affinity. It’s the natural regard, likability, and respect we feel towards others in the moment. Too often, we’re caught up in our agendas, forgetting this inherent connection we share. The real trick? Let that genuine affinity flow. 

Building Successful Partnerships

Instead of being preoccupied with the sale’s outcome, immerse yourself in the shared human experience of the conversation. When you truly connect, when you’re present and open to the feelings of mutual respect and understanding, people sense it. They respond, engage, and are more likely to collaborate towards a shared goal. It’s not just about making a sale; it’s about letting natural bonds pave the way for lasting relationships.

Sharing Understanding

Imagine being in tune with your customers’ world, seeing things from their lens. Sales isn’t just a game of facts and figures. It’s about syncing realities, finding that sweet spot where your realities merge together. When you align your reality with theirs, that’s when the magic happens. Suddenly, selling doesn’t feel like selling. Why? Because the hard sell only crops up when the realities aren’t in harmony.

The secret to effortless selling? Nailing this alignment. When your client feels you both share the same understanding, their walls come down. They’re open, honest, and ready for constructive dialogue. Objections become easier to navigate, conversations flow, and those tough sales moments? They transform into opportunities. 

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This isn’t just a win for the here and now; it’s the blueprint for long-term success. By fostering this deep sense of shared understanding, sales pros aren’t just making a sale; they’re earning trust, repeat business, and unwavering loyalty. So, if you’re looking to switch up your sales game, start by tuning in and aligning those realities. It’s a game-changer.

Embracing Objections: The Art of Difficult Conversations

Let’s face it, in sales, objections and curveballs are bound to pop up. But here’s a fresh take: they’re not just obstacles, they’re golden tickets. An objection? That’s a direct line into your client’s world, a chance to show your professionalism and spin the interaction in your favor. So, how do the best in the business handle these moments? Let’s dive in:

Maintain a Neutral Tone

First impressions set the scene for the entire conversation. When faced with objections, it’s essential to resist any defensive or confrontational undertones. One of the most important sales communication skills you can cultivate is being aware of your tone. Keeping a neutral, calm tone signifies confidence, patience, and a willingness to understand the client’s perspective without judgment.

Practice Ensuring Understanding

Before rushing to counter an objection, it’s vital to fully comprehend it. Making sure you understand first ensures that you capture the essence of the client’s concern. By dedicating undivided attention and avoiding interruption, you’ll showcase respect and sincerity, setting a positive tone for the conversation’s remainder.

Express Empathy

Showing that you genuinely understand and care about the client’s concerns bridges any emotional gap that may exist. A simple acknowledgment, such as “I understand where you’re coming from” – when done in a neutral, natural tone – disarms potential antagonism and paves the way for a constructive discussion.

Seek Clarification

Sometimes, the root of an objection is not immediately apparent. By asking open-ended questions, you’ll delve deeper into the client’s reservations, ensuring that the actual concern is addressed, rather than just its surface manifestation.

Present Facts and Solutions

Once you have a clear understanding of the objection, counter it with factual information and potential solutions. Ensure that the response is concise, relevant, and tailored to address the specific concerns raised.


So, there you have it. From tuning into the heartbeats of client concerns to dancing with objections, sales communication skills aren’t just about the product. It’s an art, a symphony of understanding, empathy, and clarity. And guess what? The secret to making this art as effortless as possible? Effective communication.

But how do you know where you stand on this spectrum of sales communication skills? How close or far are you from mastering this art?

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That’s where Mike Irving steps in. Book a discovery call with Mike, and together, you’ll pinpoint exactly where you’re shining and where you need a little polish. Let’s draft that roadmap to seamless, effortless sales chats.

Ready to elevate your sales game? To truly understand and be understood? Click the link and book a discovery call with Mike. Let’s dive together into the journey towards effortless sales communication.

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Close The Deal: 3 Crucial Sales Communication Skills For Success

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