3 Best Business Coaching Programs in the World in 2023

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  • 3 Best Business Coaching Programs in the World in 2023
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Looking for a business program that will help you achieve sustained growth for you and your team in 2023? Here are the 3 best business coaching programs in the world right now.

In today’s cutthroat business landscape, a unique product or stellar service isn’t enough. As a business owner, you face a daunting challenge:

How to stand out in a sea of competitors ready to replicate your ‘secret sauce’, undercut your pricing, and tout superior customer service?

The harsh reality? This race often squeezes prices and margins, pushing businesses into a fierce competition. This brings us to a crucial realization: The solution lies within you, the business owner.

However, with countless programs vying for your attention, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Rest easy – we’ve done the digging for you.

In this article, we unveil the top 3 business coaching programs of 2023. These programs aren’t just theory; they’ve proven to turn businesses into industry frontrunners. So, get ready for a transformative journey that could set your business on a trailblazing path.

Criteria for Evaluation

best business coaching programs

Before unveiling the top 3 business coaching programs of 2023, it’s crucial to understand the criteria we’ve used to evaluate them. This will not only validate our findings but also illuminate why these programs have earned their spots on this list.

Our major criteria revolve around three central pillars:


Is the program based on a comprehensive and updated theoretical framework? A robust theoretical foundation is critical as it provides insights into the ‘why’ behind various business strategies and practices.

Practical Application

The real test of knowledge comes through its application. This is why we’ve emphasised programs that provide ample opportunities for applying the learned theories. These opportunities allow you to experiment, make mistakes, and learn in a safe and supportive environment.

Teaching Component

The effectiveness of teaching is a vital facet in any superior coaching program. A coach’s ability to articulate complex concepts in a simple and efficient manner is paramount. The goal is to leave no room for misunderstandings or miscommunications.

The ultimate aim of these elite coaching programs is to transition the student into the teacher. They aim to create a dynamic environment where learners are active participants. This way, students can assimilate, apply, and communicate their acquired knowledge. Let’s now take a look at the top 3 best business coaching programs in the world.

Top Business Coaching Programs in 2023

#3 – Business Success Solution

The Business Success Solution emerges as an exceptional business coaching program dedicated to empowering accounting professionals. Exploiting the potent ‘Raise Your Rates Formula,’ it equips accountants to draw high-worth clients. The ultimate pursuit? Enabling you to double your income while smartly curbing your workload.


Uniquely Tailored: Meticulously designed for accounting professionals, this program grapples with the unique hurdles and requirements specific to the accounting industry.

Raise Your Rates Formula: Offering the innovative methodology of value-based pricing and packaging, the program navigates away from the conventional hourly rate model, thereby revolutionising your business approach.

Established Success: With its impressive success history, the program’s credibility is accentuated by repeated accolades from HubSpot, being recognised as one of the top business coaches globally from 2018-2022.


Target Audience Specificity: The strength of this program is its focus on accounting professionals. However, businesses operating outside this niche may find the program less beneficial.

Commitment Required: The intensive process of restructuring business strategies and focusing on attracting high-value clients necessitates a significant time and effort investment.

Suited For

The Business Success Solution is an ideal choice for accounting professionals eager to upscale their business, enhance their income, and streamline their client base. If you’re an accountant or helm an accounting firm and are stifled by the ‘dollars-per-hour’ paradigm, this program could be your ticket to transition to value-based pricing and revolutionise your business strategy.

#2 – CEO of Your Life

‘CEO Of Your Life’ is an inspiring coaching program steered by Melissa Dawn, designed to foster confidence and magnify leadership capabilities. It advocates for recognising and exploiting unique talents and abilities.

The program’s heart is the enhancement of communication, promoting inclusivity, and catalysing personal growth in a professional realm, offering a rich mix of one-on-one coaching, engaging workshops, and empowering motivational speaking sessions.


Embraces Wholeness: The program transcends beyond professional skills to emphasise personal growth and comprehension, fostering a healthier work-life balance.

Boosted Communication: The program underscores improving intra-team and organisational communication, paving the way for better comprehension and productivity.

Motivational Speaking and Workshops: The inspiring and insightful sessions provide hands-on knowledge and tools, empowering participants to implement them in their professional journeys.


Time Commitment: Depending on individual schedules, the program could be time-intensive, requiring a notable commitment to harness its full benefits.

Cost Consideration: As with many executive coaching programs, the expense might be considerable, particularly for smaller organisations or individual entrepreneurs.

Suited For

Executives and Managers: Ideal for those seeking to elevate their leadership prowess, enhance efficiency in their roles, and cultivate a more productive work milieu.

Teams and Organisations: Perfect for any organisation or team striving to enhance communication, foster trust, and boost morale within their work environment.

#1 – ABA’s Elite Business Coaching

ABA’s Elite Business Coaching program with Mike Irving is an innovative coaching program that seamlessly blends scientific evaluations and data-fuelled analytics with tailored leadership training.

It’s ingeniously crafted to foster personal and business growth, harnessing the power of scientifically validated insights to guide individuals on a personalised success trajectory. Leveraging unique tools like the Success Predictor Profile, it diagnoses strengths and improvement areas. It devises a roadmap to meet established goals, and provides sustained guidance and support, ensuring a path to enduring success.

Mike business coach


Evidence-Based Insights: This program harnesses scientific assessments to measure and track progress, enabling individuals to visualise their growth trajectory and set clear, attainable goals.

Tailored Success Roadmap: The program designs a unique success roadmap, adapting to each individual’s distinct strengths and areas for development, thereby crafting a personalised path to long-term success.

Consistent One-on-One Guidance: Regular consultations with Mike Irving offer ongoing feedback, facilitating effective and impactful real-world application of acquired skills.

Expedited Personal and Business Growth: The program’s focus on eradicating self-doubt and decision paralysis has culminated in numerous clients experiencing rapid personal and business progression.


Intensive Self-Analysis: Participants are required to delve deep into their leadership skills, a process that can be challenging and potentially unsettling for some.

Time Investment: Regular one-on-one sessions and self-analysis necessitate a significant time commitment from participants.

Suited For

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Perfect for those eager to tackle the challenges of running a thriving business and keen on understanding the origins of these issues.

Sales and Leadership Teams: Teams looking to enhance their communication, leadership, and empathy skills to positively influence their sales figures and overall business performance.

Professionals Ready for Change: Ideal for those feeling stuck or frustrated, struggling to balance relationships, or combating sleep issues due to business pressures, and receptive to self-analysis and change.

High Achievers: For those who’ve reached a plateau in their progress, believe in their potential, and seek expert guidance and support to break through to the next level of success.

Combining scientific testing, personalised coaching, and comprehensive support, Mike Irving’s Advanced Business Abilities program is unlike you’ve ever seen before. It not only cultivates business success but also aids in personal development, establishing it as an unrivalled choice for those aspiring for transformational growth.

Overview of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Program

Drawing from the unique attributes of each program, it becomes evident that ABA’s Elite Business Coaching program holds an advantageous position. Its distinguishing features lie in the scientifically-backed, personalised guidance, which can expedite both personal and business growth.

The case of Mike Haydon serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative potential of the ABA program. Haydon faced substantial business challenges and sought ABA’s assistance. The result was a phenomenal boost in his business, soaring from $250K per year to $5M in just three years. This remarkable growth, coupled with significant stress reduction and personal resilience, showcases the power of the ABA program. Read more about Mike Haydon’s story here.


We’ve navigated a dynamic landscape throughout this article, traversing the terrain of three distinct, yet exceptional business coaching programs. Each carries its unique merits, promising strategic avenues for growth and success. However, after careful analysis and thorough comparison, one program emerges as a definitive front-runner.

ABA’s Elite Business Coaching program, guided by Mike Irving, unequivocally sets the benchmark. It’s not merely a coaching program, it’s an innovative fusion of scientific testing, data-driven analytics, bespoke coaching, and leadership training. This program doesn’t just stimulate business growth. It catalyses your personal development, creating leaders who inspire, motivate, and ignite the spark of success in their teams.

As a business leader, more is required of you every day. You need unwavering conviction, communication prowess, and the ability to galvanise your team to exceed their limits.

The trajectory of your business rests on the choices you make today. To take the first step towards effortless growth, book a strategy session here. If we’re a good fit, you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Mike Irving and shatter limitations you previously thought unbreakable.

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3 Best Business Coaching Programs in the World in 2023

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