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12 Week Course ExplainedMaster The Mindset That Drives
High-Performance Individuals

Joining the 12 week course is your ticket to finally breaking the shackles that constrain your success. You will receive a scientific breakdown of your personality profile, and actively work towards overcoming the tendencies that hold you back. The process is so successful that 95% of all participants report beyond-expected business & life results by the end. It’s seriously powerful.

  • Designed for business owners, executives & sales people
  • 95% of participants start breaking records & taking control immediately after the 12 weeks
  • Receive a scientific breakdown of your strengths, weaknesses & blind spots
  • Gain access to a supportive network of business owners on the same path to growth

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The Process ExplainedAchieving Millionaire Mindset

Achieve success by removing the obstacles blocking you. If you know you are capable of offering more to the world, and you are ready to take action, then this is for you. The difference between average and peak-performance is solely identifying those triggers that are holding you back. There are normally a handful of common problems business people have. When you remove them via science-based coaching (targeting those problem areas), you are then free to achieve your full potential. A sample of common feelings are:

Lack of clarity

Sales & negotiation is difficult

Anxiety keeping you awake at night

Stuck at a certain level of profitability

Caught in a cycle of constantly working & worrying about work

Difficulty getting the team to work as hard as you

The Millionaire Mindset is our ultimate goal, where your mind is focused on objectives. You can clearly and easily make decisions that move your profitability in that direction, free from the noise of confusion. The below image shows the attributes we track to move you towards this state. By knowing the areas that hold you back, we focus the course to release them and as a result you’ll see instant upswings in your productivity, profitability and ultimate happiness. Don’t take our word for it, read the case studies below!

Real ExampleMillionaire Mindset

“ In general, everything in life just feels lighter. I’ve far more aware and able to observe myself and my actions, and choose.”

Amy Bliefnick | 511 West

Amy Bliefnick | Managing Director @511 West

Problem: The real problem was that Amy had plenty of clients that were either paying a discounted rate, or she was working almost for free. Being assertive and confronting people were challenges for her. This combination meant that she was discounting too much to win sales. This left her frustrated and underpaid, feeling burnt out and wondering if she should continue in business or go get a job.

Amy’s Results of working with ABA:

  • Tripled her Cashflow and Paid Down Debt 5x Faster
  • Won 10 clients that all fit her ideal client description
  • Created a waiting list of new clients that’s growing each week
  • On track to pay off her debt completely in the next 6 months

Amy’s Millionare Mindset Graph

Overall improvements

Average Increase

20% increase across all metrics!

Sales Increase

Client increased sales over 50% in 6 months

Value to client

In her words: "Priceless"

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