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Business Coaching to achieve your full potential with confidence, clarity and personal freedom.

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The most valuable skills you can possess over the next 20 years are those of human interactions. Let's keep you and your team ahead of the pack.

  • Master Your Leadership Skills

    Master the skills of human interactions, influence and empathy. Start with the most important relationship you have - the one with yourself!

  • Find and develop your intuition

    Gain confidence in your invisible senses and awareness of the energetic influences in business.

  • Reclaim your seat on the throne

    You’re the King / Queen of your world. It’s time to create!

What Makes Advanced Business Abilities so different?

When it comes to building and leading businesses, many people go through a roller coaster ride of ups and downs emotionally and financially. Feeling like you've "hit the wall" again can really take the wind out of your sails. Advanced Business Abilities coaching and live training programs help business owners set their course and effortlessly sail the seas ahead with confidence, clarity and decisiveness. Read More >>

Fabian Linge

The change that I was looking for in my business was mainly to make more money. To be quite honest, the business was not making as much money as I wanted it to be. Since working with Mike more intensely, I have quadrupled my profit.

Fabian Linge Managing Director - Digital Kaizen
Leadership Skills Accelerator
Business Leadership Coaching
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Mike Irving Public Speaking

Why? Because we're all about Personal Freedom.

Personal Freedom is about you being able to be, do, have, experience and create anything and everything that you choose in your life and business.

It’s about the removal of negative energy, thoughts, attitudes and feelings that impede your abilities to move forward in your chosen endeavour. It’s also about handling the euphoric energies that can quickly sabotage your intent.

We believe that you deserve freedom from the chains that bind you.

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“... I've experienced results. I have new insight into the way I form decisions and new tools for communication and negotiation. I would highly recommend Mike to business owners or executives that are looking to maximise their performance across all facets of their life. Thank you Mike.”

Pippa Elliott

“The big change for me was how I interact with people. Before the coaching there was always some sort of tension holding me back, and now that I've done the package, done the coaching with Mike, I can just be with people, talk to people, meet with people, which when you're running a business, makes a big difference.  The people side of doing business, it has become fun, and before, it was painful. That's the biggest present I got out of it.”

Kris Borgraeve

Frequently Asked Questions...

What will I gain from this coaching?

Until I conduct a thorough Evaluation and review your Predictor Profile results with you, it's difficult to assess what you will specifically get from this. Every person is different, and has different objectives. One of the common things I hear my clients say is that they feel more able. They have a greater sense of clarity and ability to think. All have said their relationships have benefited. Our average client is easily able to demonstrate a 200% return on investment in the first year. The question I'll ask you is - What do you want to gain from it?

How long do your coaching programs run for?

The only truthful answer to this question is: it depends.    Many of our clients get more than enough from our introductory programs and then they are off and running.  Others choose to engage longer term and study with us to build their skills.  That will be your choice.

We have worked with some businesses for up to 4 years and counting.  We will show you the roadmap we can take you down and you can choose how far you'd like to progress.

Do you run group coaching sessions?

We run group training and workshops on specific topics, such as Communication Skills training, Sales Skills training, and Recruitment skills training.  Most of our clients have engaged in these workshops to support the one on one coaching program.  Other clients have only ever participated in our workshops.  The choice is yours, and we will help you make the decision that is best for you.

How often do we meet for coaching sessions?

Your initial coaching program will usually start off with weekly (and sometimes more than once per week) coaching sessions.  We've observed this to be a successful action in creating change quickly.  It is always your choice, and most of the time our clients aim to move to a fortnightly coaching session if they choose to continue after the introductory program.  Some choose to stay weekly.

I don't live in Australia.  Do you take overseas clients on?

If you qualify as a client, it does not matter where you are.  As long as we are able to set a time that works for both of us.  I have had the pleasure of serving clients all across the globe.

Can we book you for a public speaking engagement?

Yes you can.  I am available to speak about the following topics:

Great Leadership in 2016 - Authentic Empathy at its best.

The lost art of face to face communication - and why it is the ultimate secret to success.

The secret to improving face to face sales in 2016.

How to feel confident communicating in any situation.

Developing you leadership muscles - Attention, Intention, Awareness and Interest.

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